Shops and lvls and types what do they mean?

Can someone explain to me how shops work in the coding.

i know this part in every items .json:
“stonehearth:net_worth”: {
“value_in_gold”: 200,
“rarity”: “rare”,
“shop_info”: {
“buyable”: true,
“sellable”: true,
“shopkeeper_level”: 4,
“shopkeeper_type”: “caravan”
i understand buyable and sellable but i have no clue what shop lvl means or shop type cause i see in every thing shop type caravan. also i found out rarity can be common or rare. i can geuss a bit ofcource but what does it do exactly?

This is just a guess based on what I have noticed in the game.

The level probably means when the item in question will start appear in shops. Might not be the only factor though, but could be one of the primary ones.

type I would think is the type of shop… I know in the very least there are 3 types of shops.
-The one that gives you a quest to do this to get that.
-An actual buy/sell shop
-The shop you get with the market stall.

If there are more I would not know, as I mentioned it is just an observation. Technically it could be just 2 types. Just being that the market stall merged with the buy/sell one since that is basically what it is, for the exception it is one you call to you for basic resources at the moment.

Someone else might know more than I but this is what I surmise it to be from observation.

thnks for the reply. i know those different kind of shops but i dont think they mean that. as i was browsing trough the files of stonehearth i found onder stonehaerth\data\gm\trader\arcs a map and file that was about the trader that sells and buys goods. Reading trough those i found out i can make my own shop that sells thing i want it to sell so that pleased me to see. i found ther also that some shops had lvls but i could not find any higher then lvl 2 while i found items with requierment 3 or 4 so how that works i dont know. And i think that the type has to do with is it a trader you call to a stall or a trader on the road.

about the rarity is still a ? but i found something avout rarity in the files but i could not get any wiser from them.

but it seems if i make my costum shop merchent that that rarity and stuff is not needed

only question now is. is the price you give the price you sell it for or buy it for xD

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Unsure, but from another post it looks like a calculation.

I do believe it is buy though. Selling if I remember correctly is a fraction of the price it calculates to.

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The price you set at your item .json is always the price you(player) are selling to the merchant. When buying from them, there is a multiplier in the merchant .json. I also learned that the game automatically rounds the values to multiples of 5.

So an item that has a value of 9 gold would be bough with 10 gold (rounded up to a multiple of 5). And if there was a multiplier of 3, the cost to buy would be 30.