Fine Items List

Does anyone have a complete list of Fine Items and which class creates them? I am trying to plan out a couple ideas that I have had and need this info to complete the idea.

A quick search of the stonehearth entities folder revealed 29 items to me:

List of fine items

arch backed chair
clay bed
clay dining table
comfy bed
comfy chair
dining table
park bench
simple clay chair
simple wooden chair
table for one
writing desk
window box brightbell
window box frostsnap
wooden garden lantern
wooden wall lantern
large crate
leather bound chest
small scrate
wooden tunnel door
wooden window frame
wooden window frame tall
wooden window frame wide
picket fence gate
wooden diamond window
wooden door 2
wooden door
wooden double door
picket fence

I imagine Rayya’s has more fine versions, but most likely the same items.

So the carpenter, mason, and potter are the only classes that can currently craft fine items?

I would more so say they are the only classes that currently have fine items. It makes sense for a blacksmith to make a fine iron sword, it’s just not a thing currently.

Oh I can’t wait for the day to have fine swords and armor!

I don’t think the mason has any fine items at the moment; only the carpenter and potter.

It’s worth noting that there are also some red items (carpet, floor lamp and wall lamp, park bench) which were formerly fine items but have been replaced/updated, now you can only get them from merchants.