More on getting "fine items"

There are some discussions going on about how or when these creative sparks of fine items should be produced, or whether or not they should be filtered, ignored or be used as their regular counterparts, but I have another question regarding them.

What’s the current process of when or why one will be created, and what’s the plan for the future? Is it a plain, constant probability, is the probability related to some (primary/secondary) stat or the crafter level? Is there anything I can do (in people or resource management or crafter selection) to influence the expected number of fancy items? (I assume, lots of people would try to avoid them with this knowledge, but personally I would try to maximize their output! ^^)


As far as I understand, and from some moderate testing, it is a random chance that is modified by the citizens mind stat. A higher stat has more of a chance to get a fine item.

Other than that, there is no way to force them to make a fancy one.

As a second thought, can anyone confim a list of fancy items in game? All of the ones I have seen come from the carpenter.

Standard chair
Arch chair
Dining table
Park bench

Those are the only ones I can confirm.

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Additionally to that list I already had:
Fine Comfy Bed
Fine Dresser

I really tried hard to get a “fine desk”, but even with 10 regular desks made, I didn’t get one, so I would go that far and say, there is no fine desk.

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I had fine comfy chair.

I got a red park bench once, which I assume was a “fine” bench.

Looking through the code; I can give a full list of what can be made fine (this includes the items mentioned before already):

  • Cathedral-Arch Chair
  • Comfy Bed
  • Comfy Chair
  • Dining Table
  • Simple Wooden Chair
  • Table for One
  • Wooden Dresser
  • Wooden Park Bench
  • Wooden Garden Lantern
  • Wooden Wall-mounted Lantern
  • Writing Desk

Starting from level 3, the carpenter has a 10% chance of making a fine item. Also this isn’t something you can control or influence, it happens whether or not you want it to.

So, for now, if you want to have more control over this: a mod is needed. (I don’t know if Radiant will change this, that remains to be seen :smile: )

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Really? Lucky me, I made 10 of those and didn’t get a single fine one… :unamused:

So stats have nothing to do with it?

Yup, right now the stats play no role in this.