Who can make fine items?

I love the fine item proc, but is the carpenter the only one that can make fine items? Figured weaver could do some fine decorations along with mason, but haven’t seen one yet. I see the mason has the same skill as the carpenter, “Artistic inspiration”, so maybe I am just not making items that have a fine version. Would love to see this spread to weapons and armor too, maybe alot more rare than from the carpenter, but add +1 more dmg to them. Doors and windows are the worst thing to me to have as fine because you have to change the blueprint every time you build something to match how many fine items you have.

Aye, I think for the Ascendancy it’s only the carpenter being able to produce fine items. But if you play Rayya’s Children or get a potter in late game with Ascendarys he’ll be able to “craft” fine items, too. But I could be mistaken.


This is correct – currently it’s the carpenter and potter who have fine items.

Going back to the original post: eventually the other crafters will have fine items as well, it’s simply a matter of them not having been implemented yet. The dev team have higher priorities, but we’ll get plenty more decorations and fine items down the road :slight_smile:

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Am I the only one who finds fine items kind of annoying? It’s nice having fancier items, but getting them randomly means you end up using more resources to make a certain amount of normal items, and when you do want a certain amount of fine items you have to spam normal items and hope you get fine. It’s a good idea and system, but unpredictable and upsets my inventory sensibilities…

They will no doubt have more meaning when Hearthlings care about their surroundings and possessions :slight_smile:

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If I remember correctly, you always get a normal item when crafting, and you occasionally get a fine item “for free”, so it doesn’t take more resources. Having no way to auto-queue fine items [even if it just meant the game kept your workers crafting the item over and over until enough fine versions came up] is definitely annoying though.


Yes, fine items does not waste more resources, they are an extra bonus item within the same craft session. If you order a table, you will waste 1 log, and then you get the table, plus a chance to get a free “fine table”, with no extra costs and no extra time crafting.

Well, yes, thats how it is in Alpha 19, but if I’m not mistaken, in earlier Alphas fine items crafted would replace your normal item. So if you queued e.g. 10 fences you’d end up with, say, 8 fences and 2 fine fences.

In the most recent alpha, you can get a lot of fine items from utility and decor making jobs, such as carpenter, mason and potter. Other jobs have similar abilities that result in a greater yield. @BrunoSupremo is right about the extra items.

You should note that the chance for fine items is vastly influenced by the mind attribute of the crafting hearthling.

One day, the other crafters will also have fine items! :smiley: That’s the goal, anyway. Thanks for the other thoughts!


Yeah, I want to review our economy sometime this year, and part of that will be revisiting item quality as a whole. I agree that the current implementation isn’t hitting the mark.


Sounds great. The economy is one of the major areas lacking I think. My giant gold pile is nothing more than a reduction of items in my town without losing wealth (at least I hope the gold isn’t less wealth then the item I sell). The only thing I have even bought is iron ore. Would really wish for some awesome trader only items that are really expensive. Something to make you decide, is it really worth it to set my wealth back that far for it. I’m sure people won’t like this, but maybe even buy blueprints or to send your worker to a school of some kind to learn new things or to be able to craft faster. Just needs something that’s progressive, but sets back wealth in some way to make it harder and less linear.


Yeah, you and I are thinking down the same lines. I actually like some concept of a blueprint idea, or at least researching recipes/recipe categories. Before we touch the economy we need more systems to create motivations to make things though, so we’ll likely be working on things like morale/beauty/wealth first to build that web of interactions.


Ooooh you bugger devs! You’ll no doubt refine a kickarse happiness system… then tweaking all the other items will naturally come later so we’ll no doubt initially have a beautiful happiness system with limited means of exploiting it :laughing:

I’d love to see more purchasing of important items, like blueprints for asthetic items or buildings or “luxury” food seeds etc

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