Crafting Embelishments

Can we do something about the “Fine” crafts? I like the idea that sometimes the crafters get lucky and make something nice and special. That being said it’s really annoying when you build a community hall template comprising of a bunch of beds and tables and chairs, only to find out that none of it is getting built because the crafter made half of it as “fine” so it’s not useable for the builders.

Couple of possible suggestions:
Making the “fine” work as just the same as the normal just better networth. It would mean that some houses randomly get better equipment than others.
Putting a button in the built template area to specifically allow/not allow “fine” works. So if you care about conformity then your problem is solved, if you don’t then you get better networth :slight_smile:
Having a check take place when a crafter has nothing else to craft if a building is needing an item built and it’s not been then build it. This would solve a for the “fine” proc issue altogether. (Example: If you build something with 5 comfy beds, the carpenter then builds 3 comfy beds and 2 fine comfy beds. After it’s queue is finished, then run a check. Are buildings all built? -No. Is there anything they need I can build? -Yes. What? -2 comfy beds. Queue 2 comfy beds. Rinse Repeat.)
Another suggestion is to allow those non-“fine” items to be upgraded and replaced later without having to rebuild the entire house/building.

Unless you found a bug, this is not how it works.

When you ask to craft one chair there is only two possible things that can happen. He either crafts the chair, or he crafts the chair + its fine version at once.


I’ll double check and confirm but so far this hasn’t been my experience. And that’s not the way it’s explained in the tooltips.

In several seperate occasions so far I’ve had to manually tell my crafters to make more of a specific item while I had several of it’s “fine” version in my inventory.

Thanks for the bringing it up though I didn’t know they were supposed have a chance at making double.

I also have had this problem. Fine versions are not counted as building materials because they aren’t the standard version, but the craftsman thinks they’re done because the number of things was completed, regardless of how many were turned out as the Fine version or not.

I haven’t noticed this problem (yet) in a19, so maybe it’s fixed?

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I did a test.

A level 6 (master) carpenter with 6 mind (best possible carpenter to make fine items) and 16 logs, he has an order to create 16 window frames.

Right at his first log, when he finished the crafting, 2 items appeared at the workbench. He grabbed both and stored. The carpenter crafting window now shows that he needs to craft 15 more windows to complete his task.

So the fine version didn’t take one slot of his list.

At the end of the process I have 16 window frame, and 5 fine window frames. (I’m more impressed on how little fine items I got… I hoped for around 8 fine items)

This was using a single order of 16 items by the way.
I did a second test with 16 orders of one item each. And the results were the same


So upon further testing myself I’ve found the bug. I’ll mention it here but also make a bug post. I do wan this suggestion to stay here as I like the idea of using “Fine” articles in my buildings. But maybe making a change so that there’s a checkbox on the building template to “use ‘fine’ objects wherever possible.” Because this will only increase your networth.

Anyway the bug I found is that when building a large amount of templates at a time (28 houses is what I used in my test. 7x7x6 4 walls no roof, 1x comfy bed, 1x wooden chair, 1x teddybear, 1x blue carpet(don’t remember it’s name and not at home atm), 1x wooden table, 1x blue lattice window, 1x wooden door, 1x flowerpot.) It doesn’t send all the needed crafting information to all the crafters. the crafters only built roughly enough for 7-10 houses, but not all the crafters built the same amount for everything. So some information was sent and some wasn’t.

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That is because the crafters have a limit of orders they can have on their queues. I think it is 25 (?), so you sure went above that limit, and everything above that got ignored.

The fine items are working fine, we just have low capacity crafters.

That can’t be the case. I’ve been able to easily over stack up to 70 orders before so unless manually doing it lets me over-ride this, that’s not the problem. Also that’s really really low for a game like this. Also the inconsistency of it is also problematic.

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No, you can have 1 million if you want, but it should be in a single task (one task to craft 1 million items).

The problem is that you have multiple tasks with few items. Example, 10 tasks, each with just 1 window, instead of a single task with 10 windows.
That’s the limit, the amount of tasks, not the amount of items in them.

And yes, in the past (below a15?) there was no limit.

Oh I should have clarified, I’ve had 70 different orders, actual orders of individual items.

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