Fine items have been removed?

Back to check on updates in the game. It looks like “fine items” that the carpenter can create have been removed from the game.

If you use an existing saved template that specifically uses a fine item (I have a couple of template that use fine versions of items) you run into an issue. It looks like you have no way to complete the building.

  1. in the existing game, is there a way to replace ghost items that will never be created with the standard version? I’d like to not abandon it. Other solutions (like console create items if there are now un-craftable) would be OK too.

  2. Is there an easy to to strip out the fine descriptor from saved templates, or do I need to manually review each one in the microworld mod?

Fine items were temporarily removed for their new system… they will return as their own craftable items (so you can choose to make them later for more mat cost)… now the “fine” items will instead be done thru item quality (kinda like how rimworld does it if you played that) where items have a quality level based on the level of the person who crafted it.

The previous models of fine items will return later as completely separate higher level items to craft.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to use debugtools to spawn the old fine items if you had any building in progress using them. They haven’t changed their uri, so you shouldn’t get errors. If you have templates that use them, try placing them, removing those items, and placing new ones instead, so that the template can be built in the newest version.

Currently (A23), the term “fine” refers to the quality of an item that has the same visuals than other qualities (e.g. “standard” or “excellent”). They have the same qb model, but are more valuable (higher appeal / selling price).

The new “fine” items are called “ornate”, and they do have different visuals and can be crafted independently. They are a new tier/progression of a certain type of furniture, and have more appeal, net worth and capacity (for storage). They are also harder to unlock/craft because they require special ingredients and high level crafters.
They don’t correspond to the old fine items, however. It’s a different system, so they’re not equivalent.