A trader aproaches your town....some of them are very bad at their "trade"!

So often i really dont think that the traders have anything good to offer, but today this trader came by and wanted to make me an offer i could not resist!

I mean, it is a great trade on my end, but this is so stupid… hehe :rofl:


i had another trader issue (stable release)

i had one trader ask for 2 doors in exchange for 5 bolts of cloth… i gladly accepted

i had a second trader come the following day… 10 doors for 2 copper breast plates - i accepted

the two traders returned at exactly the same time to collect their goods and drop off mine… i accepted the cloth trader… went back to the ! button to accept the other trader as well? he had dissapeared, without taking hiis dorrs or leaving my breast plates

(looks like if they turn up at the same time, you can only accept one, because doing so somehow knocks the other off…)

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"Bug… What Bug? … Feature!

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That seems like, at least, a decent deal for the player, and it’s not awful for the trader. Unlike this one I saw on the unofficial Discord (credit @Sami there):

Where the trader tries to totally rip you off, and looks even dumber in the process.

Edit: Same person got an even worse deal:


I still can’t believe this courageous soul braved the wild to reach my small town and propose this tempting trade.
@sdee Wandering traders seem to experience a particularly strong love for comfy beds. Wanna look into this?


It’s comfier when it’s someone else’s bed.


Traders need somewhere to sleep, too. Maybe your comfy beds are made better than the comfy beds they picked up from the previous town? But, yeah, either way these guys aren’t exactly the brightest bulbs in the knife drawer.

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It would be amusing if they offered you comfy beds in a random colour in return for your standard ones, lol

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