Farmers hoe's everywhere

Not sure if it’s a bug or just plane coincidence, but since the last update 9/10 traders that stop by request to trade their items for farmers hoe’s. I can’t really tell how to recreate the problem since I’m not exactly sure it’s a bug.

It just stood out for me as weird

haha maybe the game is telling you your hearthlings are starving :smile:

At least they’re asking for something easy to make. At least it levels up your Carpenter faster. I’ve noticed it too, but it depends on what they’re trading if I accept or not.

I’ve had many come in requesting Wooden Doors. 8 12 17 etc and getting bronze BPs, Gold bars etc. I dont mind :slight_smile:

:anguished: you are so lucky :cold_sweat:

I’ve gotten some pretty hilarious trade offers. One time I got them asking for like 19 fences in exchange for two doors…

That’s nothing. I got 42 fence doors for some baskets of corn and afterwards the traders wanted only fence gates :slight_smile: Got me some really cheap iron mails.

Yeah, we had this old thread about the offers :sweat_smile:

Just got 1 picket fence for 1 bronze BP, 48 hours. SURE no problem :slight_smile: