Prevent making fine objects? doors, chairs ect

So I have come across an unexpected problem. while making a building I had planned to use a regular wooden door but somewhere along the process I realized all of my new doors were “fine” normally id be very happy with that except this building is now unable to be completed.

Is there a way to create a regular door at lvl 6? the building can’t be edited anymore so i’ve been waiting hoping to buy one but no such luck.

Otherwise I suppose id have to assign someone else to be a carpenter but it would be nice to maybe have the option in the future if its not been mentioned before.

hey there @natemorey, welcome to the discourse :smile:

i’m slightly confused by the problem, when designing the house you used regular doors, but your carpenter only made “fine” doors?

i’m pretty sure that shouldn’t be happening, as whenever your carpenter makes a fine variant you also get a regular version (so a two for one kinda deal!)

but if you aren’t getting the normal version with the fine version then something is definitely going wrong…

again, sorry if i totally misunderstood whats going on :slight_smile:


Very interesting, I did not know that! so of course I looked in the inventory itself and have now 50 doors, happy to know I can stop making them.

But then what is odd is when I go to the building designer info it still says I have 1/2 wooden doors. yet it says the correct amount of fine wooden doors I have (the building has both types)

So after looking around i noticed a floating door was on the wall of the building being worked on, its one i hadn’t been able to remove before, not actually the door but where you tell them to place it, and its transparent. so using the command console i was able to destroy it, and once I did my building says 50 out of 2 doors and is being worked on again!

Thank you so much for your help in figuring this out!

I kinda wish you could force making fine items (even if it cost wayyy more materials) just because i like all the fancy items and sometimes i have a blueprint that needs fine items and the carpenter cant auto queue fine items… i think if the carpenter or whatever is max level they should be able to craft fine items with advanced materials like gold ect… just as a way to guarentee a fine item at the cost of like gold bars ect (i mean they are covered in gold after all)

Just make sure that your crafter has a mind score of 6 and you’ll often get fine items. If you don’t have many hearthlings with 6 mind, you can always change jobs; a 6 mind hearthling should be able to master 3 jobs pretty quickly, so you could always swap them back and forth to maximize your chances of getting the pretty stuff you need.

I kind of wish that auto-queue was a bit smarter, and would basically keep queuing the right item until it got enough fine ones.

I guess making auto-queue smarter for this could also come with some other changes. For example, maybe some way to reserve items for something else but placing any that aren’t reserved and only queuing what’s needed?


I still think that when a hearthling gets a “Moment of Inspiration” to craft a “Fine Item” it should be added to that hearthlings craft list permanently, instead of relying on a random factor forever (high mind of 6 or not it should be very rare though).

Would be cool if you could find blueprints of sorts to add to that list that you could purchases from a merchant or as a find in loot chests very rarely.

This way you could get a bit more control of what you want to make.


Hm, I’m torn on this one. I think its realistic in the sense that for any form of artist some projects will look better than others, so i like how you can occasionally get a really nice chair but at some point, maybe lvl 6, I agree, their skill should allow them to make the desired quality.

i’m just not sure.

If you are a very ambitious modder it would be no problem to unchain every “fine” item. It would afford creating new recipes to direct craft them, set new material requirements and set required lvl to 6.
The models and descriptions are there so it would be half the work of a new item from scratch.