Object quality don't be recognized like the standard object

Hi everybody !

First, sorry if my engish isn’t very good, but i’ll do my best.
Next, I’m here to report the quality of doors, windows and furnitures that make a disaster when you want to build or repair a building.

I explain:
If you do a building (random or villager house), you put normaly doors, furnitures and windows (we can’t select quality), and when your carpenter do a hight quality doors for exemple, villagers
don’t take it because it’s not a normal quality and it’s not reconize like the same object.

Thank you.


I second this. I usually have to end up manually making extras of an object if special ones are made through the building construction process. If I needed 5 of object X but if the Craftsman makes 3 normal and 2 special, to the building requirements I’m 2 short of what’s needed.


I also have that problem. One template will use the higher quality of doors and then another will not. None of the templates I have say that I have a higher quality item on the template.