Weird building material choosing


Steps to reproduce:

  1. standard world as the ascendancy
  2. high level crafter

Expected Results:
them choosing the windows no matter what the quality is
Actual Results:
them being picky about standard quality and not using higher quality


Version Number and Mods in use:
most recent stable version
System Information:
i5 4460 cpu
12 gb ram mixed
500gb harddrive + 80gb ssd

im talking about the building system here

This isn’t really a bug. The pickiness is because you may want them to use a certain grade. And things like windows and doors can’t be removed/replaced; so, being picky is the better choice.

FYI higher grades have higher appeal value.

its still kind of annoying i have a lvl 6 crafter and if he crafts high grade materials it stops my buildings from being build properly ill have to que like 10 more items for it to get a normal grade one

I hate this as well. Please either let us block crafters from making fine objects or let the construction ignore quality of items when placing them.
I can’t describe how annoying it is to monitor if your crafters haven’t made a single better quality item that will prevent construction and then sell them.

Hopefully we will see a change for this in the future because this just feels wrong the current way.

Theoretically, would be a matter of going in to the main json file of doors & windows, and changing this setting to false:

  "stonehearth:item_quality": {
     "variable_quality": true

So that they would only make standard quality as default.

If the variable quality was wanted as an option, it could be added as a second version of the item, perhaps marked with a ★ to denote it can produce variable quality, so you don’t use it for blueprints