Solution to window placement bug

So the the cute little buggers just would not place in the windows, they would just put down the ladder.

I the started removing all the variables and did this:
(i don’t think you will have to do it all exactly)

  • Started new game
  • Found a place with lots of berry’ s
  • harvest berry’ s and lots of wood
  • make one carpenter
  • craft one window and one door
  • When he is DONE! crafting, then go in zone tool and left click on the carpenters stockpile and remove it.
  • workers will then transfer the window and door to your main stockpile
  • then make a small house with one door and one window.
  • wait and pray that no little green hudlems attack you.

seems that builders can’t see the windows when stored in the carpenters stockpile.

thx for a fun game, now even with windows :slight_smile:

ps. after i found this out, i fell to my knees and raised my arms in the air vile shouting “yeeehhhhhh WINDOWSSSS”


thanks for the tip… :smiley: :+1:

as this is more a suggestion/workaround, let’s tweak the category…

oh thx for the category tweak, will try and put my next post in the right one.

all ways seem to mess something up when posting on forums, so rarely do.

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no worries at all! just trying to head off @Geoffers747 … he gets cranky about stuff like this…

must be an English thing… :smile:

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Just a thought, but wouldn’t this be useful if merged with the bug report of not being able to place windows? That way Radiant sees when the code does work for that specific bug? Or maybe a helpful hand could link to this post from that bug listing?

Edit: Ah nevermind - I see @sdee has already seen this.

so um the next problem you must solve @sommerbreze is the fact after you remove the stockpile you have just broke the poor carpenter’s life and soul. your job should you chose to accept. find out how to keep the carpenter working.

Wow you found a solution for a bug great job @Ramcat =D and also the workers don’t transfer the items which are in the carpenter’s stockpile so if you didn’t use them at a moment there is no place^^

It’s weird maybe they forgot the profession’s stockpile because it can happened with the weaver too.

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This is my workaround, and it’s very similar to the one sommerbreeze posted.

The only difference is… just go into stockpile mode, turn off furniture for the carpenter’s stockpile, and they’ll move it to the main stockpile. (This keeps your carpenter from losing his soul and going into freeze mode)

Also, i built all my windows as low as i could. So far they’ve built 5/6 windows in one house! weeee.