I really wanna learn the basic’s to modding in stonehearth so I can make this a reality, merging 2 of my favorite games into one would be awesome.

-Basic idea
This mod would add Gallians as a playable faction and would add related features and classes.
It would also replace all enemy factions with versions of imperial troops.

The mod would rely heavily on A new resource called Ragnite which would act as the main material for most advanced recipes such as Ragnaid, Ragnaid medical kits, Lancer’s and Light tanks.

The jobs tree would be similar to how it is currently in the game only certain trees would be reworked or replaced entirely.

[Scout]:Acts as your medium range medium damage class, scouts can be promoted to Lancer, Sniper or Shocktrooper.
[Lancer]:these would be your short range heavy damage class.
[Sniper]: your long range medium damage class.
[Shock trooper]:short range high damage class.

[Doctor]: replaces the healer, would be able to create Ragnaids. this class can be promoted to Medic.
[Medic]: this would be your front line healer class, would use a Ragnaid medical kit to heal all units around it.

[Blacksmith]:Able to craft Lancers and smgs and can be promoted to Engineer.
[Engineer]:Able to craft advanced weapons such as scoped rifles,Better lancers and Tanks!!!

[Tanker]: Tankers would act as your strongest infantry support weapon.

-Other random ideas:
1.Cooks would wear the same ribbon that Alicia wears in the game.
2.Porcavians because why not have flying pigs.
3.Tanks Could also be placable as decoration.
3.Princess cordelia could award Royal versions of items, these versions would have higher damage
or better effects and would come in the royal blue as seen in the game.
4.Imperial soldiers would drop their versions of items which may have better stats.
5.Grenades? These may just be straight up impossible.
If you’ve got any tips or are willing to help me out abit comment bellow.


In general I like the idea, because I also really liked Valkyria Chronicles.

Modding the infantry classes would be not much of a problem I guess (just an assumption), but I don’t believe tanks would be possible at all. They are super complex in comparison to infantry.
I also don’t know if battles would work out that well, because it would be like archers fighting archers all the time… VC has way more tactical features like covering, which is probably not possible to implement atm.

Another thing is, that VC’s “heart of the game” is its turn based system, which is totally missing here.

I’d love to see some stuff in game, e.g. the uniforms, but I’m not sure if combat would work out that well…

Started working on uniforms and objects



Also started working on concepts for the tank class.

I really need to find someone to help me make this mod xD

Ok So I’ve started Messing around with adding stuff into the game, I’m still nowhere near Ready to actually add any of my items to the game threw a mod yet xD
But hey heres some more concept arts:

Oh also later I’ll put the 2 outfits I have done up for download so you all can use um.


Ok heres the male and female version of the base uniform. To add them to your game just go into for stonehearth.smod and delete an outfit of your choise, then rename these outfits to the name of the one you deleted and drop um in the Stonehearth.smod and boom there you go!

Female_Uniform.qb (6.0 KB)
Male_Uniform.qb (7.3 KB)
UniformIcon.qb (2.2 KB)

i am looking forward to this mod. i hope it works out alright. i have played valkyria chronicles and love the game and would not mind not having the turn based part of the combat in this mod. it would just not be stonehearth. i will start to tell people about this mod.

Most likely this mod will never change how the combat system works, atmost the mod will just shift the combat away from melee to ranged.

cool. are you going to make it so the archer is the default class and not the footman or are you going to make the archer a more easy class to obtain. so he is not one of the last classes to get. cause right now, you need to play the game quite a bit to get the footman to the archers level.

Im still brainstorming ideas on how best to work this mod into stonehearth.
Basically: Both footman and Scout(Mod replacement of archer) will be up gradable from workers however Scouts will require a Training rifle which can be crafted by a blacksmith.
Also the knight will be removed, making the footman the only melee combat unit.
I might also rename the footman to swordsman.

cool, well im looking forward to this mod.

Hey guys have made alot of progress thanks to some awesome people(would have made more but Im an idiot)

Im looking for someone who could make me a storyboard drawing for the mod.

I have zero drawing skills and really would like to add a custom image for the slot.

Sorry to bother you, was just wondering if you have continued working on this mod. As a fellow Valkyria Chronicles fan I would enjoy seeing this come to fruition.

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I share your wish to see this mod, in fact I will really look at this mod too, in fact I will start asking people about modern-day warfare mods of games like Battalion Wars and beyond.

Sadly Ive pretty much given up for the time being, I struggled alot with the coding and I just dont have the skill xD