Warhammer fantasy someone? take two!





This mod will convert the StoneHearth world into the WarHammer Fantasy world, complete with the races, amazing combat units and system and all of its BEAUTIFUL LORE!


StoneHearth will play the same (basically), the only fundamental differences being:

You will control the different races, and have their respective
abilities, The map will not change…Random Encounters may, but the
world will be an entirely true reproduction of the
WarHammer Fantasy map (We’ll work hard to achieve this! Most likely will happen if
there is a map editor).

Races & Combat

This is the resume of each races to give an overview:

Within the dark heart of the twisted and dangerous forests of the Old World dwell hordes of Beastmen, true children of Chaos. Preying on the weak and striking without warning, the Beastmen are a plague on the civilised world, murdering and slaughtering with abandon.

The Knights of Bretonnia are renowned for their skill at arms, their bravery and chivalry. A Bretonnian army is an impressive sight; ranks of knights with fluttering pennants adorned with personal heraldry, backed up with scores of filthy, low born peasants.

The Daemons of Chaos are warlike fragments of divine will loosed upon the world. Blasphemous abominations drawing raw power from the Chaos Gods themselves, they are the ruination of civilisation.

Cold and heartless, the Dark Elves launch terrible raids on the lands of the Warhammer world, enslaving thousands and burning civilizations to the ground. Every day the Dark Hosts of Naggaroth sacrifice hundreds of souls on the altars of the Lord of Murder.

The Dwarfs are tenacious and determined warriors with unparalleled weapons, created by their Runesmiths, they defend their holds from Orcs and Skaven. Remembering every affront, Dwarfs miss no opportunity to settle grudges with the edge of an axe.

The armies of the High Elves are glittering hosts of steadfast spearmen, deadly archers and proud cavalry. Exceptionally skilled warriors, the Elves are led by mages who are masters of magic and heroes who command mighty Dragons of days past.

Long before the rise of Elves, Dwarfs or Men, the Lizardmen existed deep in the jungles of Lustria. A dangerous civilization of hulking reptilian warriors and gargantuan monsters, led by the bloated Slann, they seek to restore order to the world and will mercilessly punish any who stand in their way.

Big, brutish and extremely violent, an Ogre is a fearsome sight in the Warhammer world. When a whole army of Ogres marches to war, they descend upon their foes with the force of an avalanche, consuming all before them in a tide of destruction.

Orcs and Goblins are the scourge of the Warhammer world, an unending tide of ferocious raiders trampling a swathe of destruction across the land. Orcs and Goblins are angry creatures that live to fight, their only goal is to rampage and slaughter.

The Skaven are a race of evil rat-men that fester in the dark places of the world. Eternally scheming and plotting their races ascendancy. Skaven March to battle in great hordes, swarming towards the foe in a mass of frenzied fur and black-clad assassins.

Since its founding the Empire has endured terrible invasions. Through years of bloodshed, this land of Men has stood fast through faith and steel, its tireless citizen soldiers and valiant heroes, surviving against the innumerable foes that assail it from all sides.

The ancient kings of Nehekhara hunger for power and conquest. As they march from their tombs they are joined by regiments of skeletons, Undead charioteers and animated war constructs of immense power. Few can stand before the wrath of the Tomb Kings.

The Vampire Counts are a perilous threat to the Old World. Stronger, tougher and faster than any mortal, Vampires can summon vast Undead hordes to fight for them, including zombies, skeletons, ghouls, and long-dead wraiths.

From the far north come the legions of Chaos, led by mighty champions of the Dark Gods. Raised in battle, these great warriors fight for glory and the favour of their gods, seeking immortality and everlasting power.

The Wood Elves of Athel Loren are mysterious, secretive beings. Merciless with those who enter their realm, they are masters of ambush and the greatest archers in the world. In war they unleash the full fury of the forest, as Elves fight alongside Forest Spirits.

Each race has specific combat abilities and units, so many that we can’t list them all, or this thread would never end! Some of the more remarkable ones are:

Ogres riding terribly beasts into battle, as well as their fearsome sky-Titan Cannon
Empire steam tanks and machine cannons
Dwarf cannons (trust me….they’ve got interesting cannons…)

Each race has its respective heavy and light unit types.

This mod needs the help of YOU!
ALL AND ANY type of help is GREATLY APPRECIATED, including:
Modellers (Qubicle)
Module Creators
And ANY WarHammer Fantasy Fan with lots of knowledge to SHARE!
If you are interested, please PM @gorenum.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to PM @gorenum, or @Cookie.

Quick thanks to the BEAUTIFUL mod presenting structure used by Roughshod1.


You, You scare me more than @Geoffers747 Meaning I’m absolutely terrified, i’d hate to say this but i haven’t even tryed quibicle so i can’t help you there, or anywhere else in this mod. Authough, I will say this, Dwarves will be in the game. Orcs too i beleive, so will goblins. So, Yah, Stuff and things.

Nothing to prove that.
But yeah, Gobbies will be there, and Dwarves too.

hi @Gorenum… welcome aboard! :smile:

scans massive wall of text

um, good luck with your mod… i wish you the best! :wink:


I agree they will be there but not in a playable race… i want to be able to make a city of orcs and goblins cause these two race live together and go to a human city to bash it to pieces! in stonehearth and warhammer style :slight_smile:

and thank you steve :slight_smile: like i say since i dont know how to script i would just be able to make the races and animate them it is the far i can go :smiley:

We’re not sure about that.

The only way.


And sorry to all for the mighty wall of text is just i want to explain what i have in mind… :slight_smile:

I automatically assumed you meant WarHammer 40k…That stuff’s INSANE!

You could easily learn, it’s Lua after all! There are heaps of resources, RIGHT HERE, ON THE FORUMS:This right here, is THE holy grail for your journey to Lua mastery
That link above is probably the best accumulation of tutorials on Lua and modding you could need.
Best of luck with your mod, hope I see it come through! :wink:

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Welcome to the forum.
I dont know much about warhammer fantasy but I would love to play as orcs or beastman. So I wish you good luck with your project.
Btw you dont need to look at voxels for height too much as you can always scale them later in the game.

I’m thinking start small, and mod the races as playable, so that all are represented. Then expand the game within a game having already got the races established and functioning. Just an idea, might help manage the epic task in front of you. Good luck, i look forward to seeing your cubicle creations. I wish i could be more useful too you, my early foray’s into cubicle were less than satisfying and i couldn’t code to save my life :cry:

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honestly im not a fan of Warhammer fantasy but if you need my help with anything qublicle just ask (keep in mind I dont know what anything looks like so ill be using google images)

thank you it is what i will do! to start small i know what all of this represent of works and i hope i will be able to do it through the end! [quote=“Newf, post:11, topic:2778, full:true”]
honestly im not a fan of Warhammer fantasy but if you need my help with anything qublicle just ask (keep in mind I dont know what anything looks like so ill be using google images)

I will really appreciate it :slight_smile: i’m still figuring how qubicle work i have the free version right now but when i will be more confident with it i will take the full version.

Sorry everyone i write too much :crying_cat_face: the first step will be what Amlin say i will create the races first and implement the rest because when i will be able to make all the rest Qubicle will be mastered! so Lua will be in his way to be mastered too thanks to cookie who give me really good advise for that!


just to say I have the home version

it is the free version? if yes when i will buy the full version you just have to send me the model so i can export them in .obj to be able to animate them! i will start with the human race since they are already implement and just need to converted them in two group… or faction in warhammer you have bretonnia and The Empire. on the site of gamesworkshop you can find some picture of the armies if you want some ideas. The sad thing i’m not a fully organize person i got ideas and work with it… This is why i take any help advise so i know more where to start!

i will rearrange my post soon to be less a wall of text. more readable!
thank you again everyone for your good advise!

@Newf has the Home edition, which costs $40, and allows for exporting of models (among other things)…

before you make a purchase of your own however, keep in mind that there are (hopefully) discussions still taking place between Radiant and Minddesk (quibicle developers) to have some sort of “arrangement” for SH users… :smiley:

@SteveAdamo … in the meanwhile I think that they will agree on something once QC2 is out (on which Tim is working at the moment).

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@Gorenum unless you’re planning to animate soon, you’re probably best holding your fire. As @SteveAdamo mentions above, it may be cheaper in future. However, the only reason you need it is to animate. Of course, to make a fully fledged mod you will need that but unless you want to get on with animating, there’s no real reason to get the home edition yet.

That said, if you actually want to get animating, go for it! You’ll just need a few models first :wink:

thats an excellent theory… here’s hoping! :smiley:

Eh, all they need to do is create a game specific format. Something kind of equivalent to .qb only designed to work with games. No animating or exporting for anything other than putting the models in the game, price it as some super cheap version and you’re done. Qubicle: Stonehearth Edition, does nothing that basic doesn’t except export to Stonehearth and only Stonehearth.