The Roman Mod [work in progress] last Update 20.06.2018


That actually looks amazing. Would love to see your settlers construct that!


Epic I love the idea of bulding aqueducts if it is not to hard for beginners to make new buildings possible I will add this idea with your agreement. I also thought about roman watchtowers.


Just imagine how much scaffolding that would take. O.o

@voxel_pirate An inspiring model BTW, now do the Colosseum :wink:


@Moe Thanks for asking, but of course you can add it if you like. I can also share the Qubicle-File with you, if you like. The nice thing about Romans might be, that for a common building you do not need too much adjustments… I have understood that columns will be in the game, good starting point.

@TobiasSabathius Actually I am afraid of buildings like the Colosseum :smile:. Just too roundish and it would need to be really huge to be impressive. Not sure if a square Colosseum would work…

If it is not possible to be constructed (too huge, too many resources, whatever)… it could be a nice idea to add something like this as a ruin… maybe with a mod-specific event?


Agreed that the Colosseum would be daunting task with it’s digsuting circular shape. Did these Roman’s not think?!

However, the Circus Maximus would be an awesome addition for chariot racing :tongue:


Yeah, that’s much smaller building :smile:. I just don’t see how you can position arches in a curve to make the corners kind of “round”. The rest should not be a big deal.


Well … we firstly pretend that those curves are not there, and just box it off.

We secondly hope that due to the lack of curve the chariots don’t crash.

Vision @voxel_pirate, come on, I’ve had enough of this can’t do attitude!!


XD why we don’t start at first a little bit smaller? Something like this for example: :wink:

I don’t know if Stonehearth supports columns on release but this will be easyer to integrate in to the game than a huge building. Building works like each bilding ist unique because you decide the size of it. Now you have the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus witch are fixed buildings so this will be more difficult to integrate in to the game. But we will see maybe a mod addon for the future :question:

@voxel_pirate oh thanks for the information with the columns! Maybe we can bild a similar house at the beta so I don’t have to make ne roofs. :smile:


They sound as if they will, they building mechanism sounds pretty robust in the sense that there should be a lot of options available that allows you to build exactly what you want.

Perhaps it would work where you would have a Colosseum blueprint for example, and then you just pop that where you want it and your guys build it. I don’t see it being too difficult to get into the game, it would just be a pre-defined structure outline. The issue would perhaps be in the designation as currently buildings are for my understanding, and for lack of a better word, husks. You build them and then designate their function rather than building one that has a specific function attached already.

Pre-defining the structure as doing X, Y, and Z may be the tricky part, but hey, we’ll see what happens as we get closer to Beta!


You kill me with this one. Now I have to try it… while I wanted to record and upload today part 3 of my last tutorial :weary:.


we know there is a logical build order in the videos we’ve seen to date, and as part of that order, beams (for bracing the walls) are put in place… i think columns are a natural progression to the beams, so here’s hoping! :smiley:

yes, @Geoffers747 has a way of completely derailing people … it’s a gift, really…


… just gave up on the Colosseum / Circus Maximus. I can create a building with let’s say a radius of 200 voxels. However, “carving” arches into this wall so that they look still nice… that’s beyond my skills. I would have to use much more voxels to work with rotating the single arches (which is too much for Qubicle). However, if Stonehearth allows free placement in the world, that would be pretty easy.


@SteveAdamo If @Geoffers747 can derail people, Dear God NOBODY LET THAT MAN DRIVE A TRAIN!!!


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@Reaperwright88 So that’s why the ground was so squishy


Back to topic :smile:
So I worked a little bit and here are the first ranks for my mod!
From left to right: Legatus, Tribune, Praefectus, Praetorians, Centurion, Legionnaire, Archer

This not the final one of course but this how it will looks like.
Stay tuned for updates :wink:



Nice. Are you going to have each of those models represent a class, like vanilla Stonehearth? If so, what are you thinking is going to represent what class (carpenter, blacksmit, mason etc)


Those look like military figures to me, and not the crafting classes. Unfortunately I’m not familiar enough with their roles and weaponry to suggest Stonehearth equivalents, but someone will come along sooner or later to match them up.