The Gauls (Replaces Goblins)

The Gauls

Hey guys! I saw that a Roman mod came out so I decieded to help a little with some of the factions and enemys, take a look!






This is pretty cool! I don’t know what he’ll think but hopefully it’ll help him

Its actually spelled Gauls, unless you intentionally spelled it different.

And just a tip, you should try to shade your models a bit more :wink:

I assume (with 99% certainty) the man you’re trying to appease is @Moe2212? They’re pretty cool, but I would just echo @theEPiK1 in saying they could perhaps benefit a bit from some shading? Good start though! Are the helmets in order of progression? So the best soldiers have the 1st helmet and then as you go through the helmets their rank would be worse?

No, the ranks are not here at this very moment, I still need to give them a bit of armour because you cant just have half naked men coming to steal clothes from you now, can you?

welcome aboard @DJ_Astro! :smile:

you are off to a great start… i especially enjoyed your weapons… :+1:

im not sure of the color scheme for the shields? but i do like the design…

If you have anything related to the Gauls, put a picture up and ill see what I can do.

Maybe try playing Rome total war or Rome II total war for inspiration. (You should play them anyway, the total war franchise is amazing)

Here is the helmets, from Crap to Badass:

Don’t mined the guys, I’ll get to work on them later.


Maybe try playing Rome total war or Rome II total war for inspiration.
(You should play them anyway, the total war franchise is amazing)

I’ve tried that, but I found it best to use the Rome at War mod for M&B Warband and try to replicate them from there.

P.S. Rome 2 Total War is badass

love the progression… no real feedback, other that the 4th from the left seems like it takes a step back (losing the horns)…

i quite like them! the green strip across the eyes is a nice touch… not to sure about the kilt/christmas belt though… :smile:

Well… Lets just say “You gotta lose horns, to gain horns”.

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Oh and @SteveAdamo they are actually wings…

Hey guys, little update for the Gauls here, I think they got angry at @SteveAdamo for making fun of their kilts :smiley:

Colours and Torso:

Half-Moon Shield:

Guess there is no full moon tonight then…


half moon shield looks fantastic!

and of the three gents on display, the two left look best in my opinion… very nicely done!

Hey guys, an other update this time I got rid of the Christmas kilt man and replaced with this guy, also new shield to go with him!

Da new guy:

His shield:


I love your shild designes!!! They look awesome. The new “blue” guy looks like a Briton (Iceni).
Can you maybe try to make some body paintings? I don’t know if it works or not but it would be cool to see something like this:

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@Moe2212 Sure I’ll do my best.

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You’ve made some real good progress here @DJ_Astro in a relatively small space of time! Keep it up :smile:

I’m absolutely loving the half shield and the ‘new’’ Gaul. If I could make any suggestion for the man it would be his face paint … his eyes get a bit lost in it all? Perhaps make the war paint a lighter shade, or less of a block?

Apart from that, good stuff!

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Took your advise as I was just about to post a picture to make a quick change, take a look.