The Roman Mod [work in progress] last Update 20.06.2018


If I understood you right (maybe not ^^) this guys are only soldiers but of course the mod will change each vanilla guy in the game to a roman version. Civilian guys will come in the next weeks.


Just keep in mind that the devs are using helmets to differentiate between the different classes. If you are in a hurry, it might happen that you confuse the Legionnaire with an Archer. Maybe one of them could get a different version? I think I have seen helmets of archers which are looking more like a cone and do not have this extension at the back, but a ruff made ouf of metal.


I’m gonna be whiny and ask for Pre-Marian and Republican stuff, and late Empire stuff like Mail.

I love the hell out of your Lorica Segmenta, but that’s not the whole story on Roman Stuff. I’d also like to see some Auxilla.


:smile: You noticed it @voxel_pirate this is exactly what I will definitely change because as you mentioned it you can’t see differences from above!

@Krusk wow it seems like you a roman fan ^^ I had to google first alle this designations. So first thanks I don’t know how much items will get in the mod. But I will try to make for the most items a roman version.
About the Auxillia if I’m right they are spear-men so this is a good question :smile: because at the moment my spears are realy bad. But of course if I make some spears that looks great they in the mod!


Ok, yeah thats what I was asking. So these will be the soldier classes, (to be determined when we know what ones are actually in the game)?


As far as I know the soldiers system like this: You have a soldier and when he levels up he have the opportunity to wear new and better stuff. So if this is right you can decide what armors or weapons your guys wear :smiley:
We will see in the future how all this works.


first, i’m loving the models you have put together so far… had no idea there were so many variants!

thats part of the beauty of the system radiant is developing… should the mechanic not work exactly as you would have imagined, some enterprising modder can potentially mold it to fit your design… :smiley:


this looks awesome i cant wait to see what else you do!


Dear Legionnaire @Moe2212 I have just Checked your page for the first time in awhile and I am Finally Lost for Words…
Oh Wait, Nope Never mind Thought of Some Words!!!
This is Simply Fantastic!!! @Moe2212 I Congratulate you Sir!!! For this Shall be an endeavor In which Shall Take a considerable amount of Time!!!
Also @Moe2212 I know with a most Fullest of Certainties that there is NO better Person than yourself to Under Take an Roman Mod such as this!!!

Suggestion/Question Time!!!:
OK now @Moe2212 three simplyish questions/suggestions

  1. Shall there be other Factions such as all of the Greek city states, The Gauls (french), Germanian Tribes Each Individual Tribe (Germans and Austrians), and or The Carthaginians!!!
  2. Will there be Chariots Within the Module???
  3. I do Suggest that when you make Rome you form all three of the main Houses!!!
    P.S. GOOD LUCK @Moe2212 anyone who makes a Mod Similar to this would/will Need It!!!


Dear @KingMooCow
thanks for your supporting words and your questions.

For now no because I want my mod as detailed as I can and if I have to make more fractions than it will be much to extensive.
Maybe after this mod I make some addons for this mod with new fraktions. But I can’t promise that.

As far as I know ther will be horses in the game so of course but befor I can start designing them I need to know how big the horses will be.

I think you mean the Julii, Brutii and Scipii. I know what your idea is but the problem is I don’t know how the multiplayer works! In the vanilla game there are 3 different human races and my mod will brings a “4” one. So if you play with your friends the game in the MP there must be some color differences how otherwise you will notice which are yours and which are your frinds guys.
Please tell me if I’m wrong but the real differences between the three main houses are there colors. Maybe the game will aske you before you start a new map which color you want to choose and than you can choose red vor Julii, green for Brutii and blue for Scipii.

I hope my answers were not to disappointing :smile: but as I can only repeat it we will see in the future.


PS: It will be more like “Rome 2 Total war” where you playe THE Roman in contrast to “Rome Total war” where you played the different houses :wink:


Today no news. But I send an e-mail to the developers for some questions.
Stay tuned.


@Moe2212 More Romans for my Dogmen to Slaughter!!!


I’m working right now on the new field characters. But I try to make some citizen later this day. :wink:


New field characters:

Roman bow:


So here my first try for the roman citizen:

Female model with stola will maybe come too.



Once again, fantastic fantastic work. Looking forward to this as a mod.

I love how you handled the toes! XD


Hey guys,
sorry but I think this week no more new pictures come out.
At the moment I am thinking about the other job classes how they will look like so you can see from above what job it is.

nice greetings


Dude this is amazing! keep it up


You need enemies for this mod and they can’t be goblin’s orcs and trolls. If you are going for a fantasy Roman mod you could include enemies from roman mythology which is a bastardized version of Greek mythology. Alternatively you could go for a more realistic mod and the enemies could be raiders, bandits, and some of the non roman factions named above.


Why does 2_Zons get to be such a bad ass yet I can’t even think something amazing?


it simply comes with age… unfortunately, it hasnt quite worked in my case…