The Roman Mod [work in progress] last Update 20.06.2018


I thought about mythological characters but I have no knowledge about antique mythology because that wasn’t realy interesting for me! I was only fascinated about the “facts” of the history so I think this is up to you guys to see mythological characters in Stonehearth.
The point is that I wouldn’t do all of you any favors if I make mythological characters for Stonehearth because I would have no fun by creating them and the result would be awfully. So please don’t be disappointed if there will be no support by my self. :frowning:

My Rome mod will give the game a new playable human race this is what currently is planned. So you have your roman fighting against goblins and all vanilla enemies. :-I



I’m sure there are enough creative people here that can help you “skin” the Stonehearth baddies into appropriate Roman mythology vs. Stonehearth mythology. I am definitely willing to help out. I haven’t published any of my Qubicle work yet, mostly because of the amazing work I’ve seen here so far. I want to make sure it will be good enough first. I’m still getting the hang of using it.


@2_Zons Please post your stuff every qublicle creation on the forums has (No offense to anyone) got a bit stale. In other words all the qubicle creations are either norse, tribal, roman or robots there are no new trends or themes coming out (except the bandits which look amazing) and I really think you should post your stuff, I just love going through my topic and watching my dogman evolve from a mess of qubicles into something I really think is amazing!!!


i dunno, that seems like a fairly nice spread in themes to me… :wink:

but i get your point… i too would love to see your work, when you’re comfortable sharing it @2_Zons


Hey guys,
sorry for no updates last week but I had some work to do.
Now here is my version of the Farmer. Please tell me what you think about it and tell me your suggestions! :wink:

Ok that’s it for today tomorrow I will show you my version of the Carpenter.


Hm… have you tried to wrap him into a “Toga” or some kind of cape? I like the feets which could be an identifier for all your Roman figures. However, the hat somehow does not look Roman to me. Maybe there could be another way to distinguish all the professions?


Togo, no because he is a “normal” field worker they had no Toga :smiley: About the hat I know what you meen I don’t like him too he have too look more like this:

I try to fix that tomorrow maybe today?


If I search for “Roman Farmers” I can find pictures where the farmers are wearing a kind of a toga… just mentioned it, because this might be an idea to differentiate the professions.


The pictures I found show me farmers without Toga the guys on the pictures with the Togas are normal civilians or rich farmer but those don’t realy work anymore they pay the “real” farmer :wink: It’s hard to know how they looked in the past but I try my best to find a realistic solution.


I would go with the statement from the developers that at some points it makes sense to focus on “fun” and “gameplay” instead of realism. Maybe all settlers in Stonehearth are rich ones… there will be not so many at the end :smile:.


Thats true :smile: I will think about that.


I can see an initial settler being relatively rich and owning a Toga, but I can’t see him actually wearing it unless his full time job is something that doesn’t actually require doing anything vigorous. You don’t do manual labor in a Toga.
Really, you don’t even do stuff like run in one without making yourself look like a fool.

It’s like if you had to go around in a Tuxedo, except the Tuxedo took twice as long to get on properly, and you had to hold your pants up at the same time.

You can work in one, but only if that work is managerial stuff or orating. I suppose you could also write or do magic in one.

If we are going to get Aristocratic Romans who do work, they aren’t going to be dressed much different than anyone else.

Another interesting thing is that if we are doing vaguely Republican Roman, your little Aristocrats aren’t really going to be doing a huge amount of orgies. Maybe parties where they kill an animal to eat, though.

I think certain Imperial developments like decadence would be an interesting “bad effect” that you could get if you let that get too out of hand. You’d have less hard capital, and your aristocratic class would be both less troublesome, but also less useful to you. The Decadence would also involve the Emperor probably spending more than you really felt comfortable with to stay respectable.

This could develop into it’s own problem of course, because maybe instead of being sated with their lifestyles and money, your Aristocrats get GREEDY at some point (again, maybe another event) and scheme against you or just for money.

Taking the Senate down a peg would make you more directly powerful, but run it’s own risk. Certainly, the Aristocratic families not really DOING anything or producing Quality public servants would be an issue. The only ones they would produce would be Menaces to your dynasty, because they would be the only ones ambitious enough to get good at anything and play politics.


@Krusk The solution to your problem is kill them all, (Not the women :wink:) EVERY SINGLE LAST MAN AND CHILD UNTIL NOBODY (except the women) IS LEF!!!

steve’s edit: let’s try and keep this a family friendly place please… as this was flagged, i’ve taken the liberty of editing some of the questionable bits…

How do you plan / manage your mod?

respoding to one of your older posts but just saw this and i’m a huge Roman history geek and the auxilla were really all types of infantry, cavalry, and archers(and other ranged weaponry) They were exclusively non citizens but Some cohorts fought in the roman style in close order depending on where they were from and their role to play. Overall i’m really impressed by what youve done with the voxels but while I noticed a standard you didn’t seem to have a standard bearer(Aquillifer) who of course would provide a big morale bonus. ALso if you were gonna use the soldiers leveling up route how far would you go into the structure? I assume you wouldnt use all of the 13 or so ranks of centurions but mayhaps a few like the primus pilus and then more junior centurions and even optios. Then they could become the camp prefect and possibly even rise to equestiran. Then if were saying republican perido theres 6 tribunes but they’re appoited from the equestrian order most often. If you put in legions and cohorts and maniples i will love you(Not in a homosexual way) If you have any question about roman army structure, their uses or campaigns or something i’d be happy to help.


Thank you for your support.
For NOW I make the mod only like a new race for the vanilla game because it’s my first mod ever and I need time to understand how all works. This means there are no new functions BUT if the mod is published the real work starts.
I decided to add more and more content after the first release for example: Roman buildings, (as you mentioned) a army system, new enemies and more.
But at first I need to focus on the main mod and this means only the vanilla game with romans :wink:


Hey guys,
here is my first version of the Carpenter. Please tell me again what you think about and tell me your opinion. :smile:

That’s it for today tomorrow I will show you my first look of the Mason.


Well I can dream about the day when hopefully you can make a total conversion and who knows maybe it will come ture. ANyway yeah any questions about the roman military system i’ll be happy to help. therwise really impressed b the carpenter. COuld you maybe show some of his tools to sort of put the thing in perspective?


i like him… very simple, unassuming garb… but like @Infernius said, i feel like he needs some sort of accompanying tool…


Ok I try to make some tools next week and post them then.
So here is my Mason:

So that’s it for today and tomorrow you will see my version of the Blacksmith :wink:


This will be a cool mod