The Roman Mod [work in progress] last Update 20.06.2018

Wait…this is what’s left without the questionable bits? Well that’s rather frightening @SteveAdamo

@Moe2212 Needs some kind of headgear I think still, to make him easy to pick out when you’re kind of surveying your city. But maybe the difference in tunic will do that job just fine, so I could be wrong . I like him regardless tho, very stonehearthian

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It looks good, but how will the mod play out? What are some things to expect in-game?

I believe @Moe2212 already answered this here:

But if just as “skin” or a full fledged mod - I already love this mod!

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Sorry it’s a bit late but here is my Blacksmith:
He have closed shoes because I thought if someone works in a forge he need some protection against sparks.

So thats it. Next week I try to make some tool for these guys.



Wow, @Moe2212, I really like everything! The mason and blacksmith are really cool. I’m a big fan of the little tools in the mason’s belt. The carpenter’s clothing looks good, but he is a bit simple… Maybe a good thing! All in all, I’m loving this mod :smiley:

In the very first post you had a banner, and on it it said LEG, for a roman feel maybe add SPQR instead (The Senate and People of Rome) .
SPQR is a very common thing to see on everything in rome :smiley:.
Great mod idea :sunny:

Sorry guys for no Updates but I had not really much time last week. I know you guys want to see some tools but I want to test today my first building. This “Roman watchtower” will be NOT in the first release, I need time to see how buildings will work in LUA. As I have already mentioned my Mod will have addons where I bring more content in the game. For example this watchtower has no “normal” door. If soldiers want enter the tower they need a ladder so the building needs more animations than normal buildings. This ideas need time to realize. Some other ideas for the Tower are that soldiers in the tower can lift up the ladders if enemy attack so the enemys can’t get for example the archers on the top. I don’t know if the tower will be build with the vanilla building system or only with a “klick and build” system. :wink:
So here is “Watchtower 2.0” :

It will be changed during the optimization. So I hope I have more time to work on the mod the next days. :smile:


Nice. Looks Roman to me :smiley:. The idea with the ladder sounds a bit complicated (though interesting). Have you thought to start “small” and just add a gate which might be lockable? This way you could implement the tower maybe a bit earlier… and with time add ideas like the ladder.

I think because enemys can’t attack the guys in the tower that there will be more tower versions. So maybe the ladder version is the last version. This means that there will be maybe a lower version earlier and than I will upgrade the mod where you have more versions of the tower you can build.

this is a good approach, both in terms of “learning the ropes”, as well as slowly introducing new content for the mod… gives players a nice progression as well (something to shoot for)… :+1:

Short Update for the Watchtower :sunny:
I fixed the height and worked a little bit on the inside view. (all staris are only placeholder because they to huge for the characters)

So this is now “Watchtower 2.3”
Im working now to start learning C++ and LUA but I need some programs befor I can start (learning) scripting :+1:


love how you broke the tower into its component pieces… :+1:

what were you referring to here? perhaps someone can point you in the right direction…

@voxel_pirate helped me already :wink:

Hey guys and girls,
today after a long time doing nothing :angry: I’m back with some model updates. At first I updated the female/civilian so she is now smaler and narrow as the original females will be.

Now finally I updated the farmer so he has now his “better” strawhat and his first working tool the rake. I painted the rake so that it looks like that he is often in use so the rod is getting dirtier at the end.

I hope you like the models and please give me some feedback. :wink:

Moe2212 (see you tonight/morning/midday at the live stream 8.8.13)


Cant find any improvements to give, looks perfect :blush:

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Hey @Moe2212 Its me again :smile: Is it possible to send me your skype over a pm? Thanks, your work looks great!

welcome back to the mix @Moe2212… love your models, big toes and all! :smile:

I m looking forward to play this mod.

(Maybe you can remember the game Caesar, it was awesome! So, if you need some inspiration, go and check it out!)

My inspiration will come from Rome 2 total war :wink:

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Some of my inspiration came from Shogun: Total War 2. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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