It's almost upon us! Hearthoween!

Welcome boys and girls to the first annual celebration of Hearthoween. Where all Hearthlings alike can go dress up in their costumes and scare the bajeebus out of their goblin neighbors. With a wide range of costumes each class of Heathling comes with it’s own surprise.

Ranging from cute and adorable bunny worker gals.

To outrageously silly cupid archers.

To some more traditional halloween costumes

There’s fun for everyone!

Hope you enjoy this treat!
Download here

@Aviex(myself) @Kittyodoom(contributed models) @Hyrule_Symbol(ideas provided)

#Hearthoween surprise round 2!
I had asked @Hyrule_Symbol if he wanted to help with the mod, perhaps a little short notice but he still has managed to make this amazing render for the mod!

If you want this as a background in game I have made an add-on mod that’ll put it in.(Download link below)

Download here


Oh my gosh this is hilarious


So adorable! Thanks for sharing!


After playing around with the mod for a bit I have a poll for you guys.

Hearthoween Costume Contest

  • Worker()
  • Worker()
  • Archer
  • Blacksmith
  • Carpenter
  • Cleric()
  • Cleric()
  • Cook
  • Engineer
  • Farmer
  • Footman
  • Herbalist
  • Knight
  • Mason
  • Potter
  • Shepherd
  • Trapper
  • Weaver

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My personal favorite is Dinosaur Mason.

Their Chisel is a male “doll” and their hammer is a female “doll”

Rawr I’m a Dinosaur!!


This by far is the best thing ive seen, I can’t wait to use this.

Curious, is it an .smod file, if so what version?

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It is A18/A19 compatible, yes it’s an smod


Yes! I havent updated to A19 just yet due to mod incompatibilities.

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New render made by @Hyrule_Symbol now available as a background override mod. Download link in original post.


Wow, this is looking good! The ui following the theme was a good idea!

The original plan for the orange buttons was for a halloween themed background to go along with it. But I didn’t get around to asking someone to help out till it was too late.

I still think Hyrule did an amazing job.

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playing this one together with candledark would be epic in my opinion


Fixed the link for the background add-on mod. Clicked the wrong drive file for shareable link. It’s been a long day.



  • Are these craftable, or do they replace the default outfits?
  • If the latter…would it be possible to make crafted versions of them? Like, upgraded outfits/armour/gear?
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Sorry to necro an old thread; does anyone still have a copy of this mod, by chance?

@Aviex are you thinking there’s any chance this mod will come back for Halloween this year?

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I’ve been stalking this post since I got an email this morning…

Honestly? I don’t think so. I haven’t had much free time to do much in terms of gaming. Not nearly enough to re-do Hearthoween in 12 days.

I’ve recently gotten a puppy at the beginning of this summer and involved in a rather serious relationship. The combination of these two things plus the new job I started back in January basically has consumed my life.

Good news, although Hearthoween doesn’t look like it’ll be getting an anniversary, at least not from me, I have deeply considered a Christmas mod! Christmas is about 2 months out, and I’d have plenty of time to complete this. I have been messing around with a biome mod for about 4 months now but nothing I want to share yet.

If anyone, including @Kittyodoom, wants to take the time to improve, update, or re-do Hearthoween you have my full 100% support. Perhaps 2018 Hearthoween will be on my bucket list… maybe starting in July. :sweat_smile:

EDIT: In regards to do I have this mod, I sadly do not. And it appears to have been cleaned from my google drive… I can try to do some digging but the computer/hard drive it was created on is no longer with us.


Well, I did actually find a copy of it on one of my flash drives, so I could try dusting it off and giving it a touch up, theoretically… … …


Oh good! I didn’t see a reply before I added my edit. The files for the mod I had are long gone… :sweat_smile:

Glad you found it. 2017 Hearthoween would be a treat to all the players of stonehearth!

(So, no pressure or anything, gotcha… :sweat: :stuck_out_tongue: )

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