Hearthoween: Revisited

Greetings, all! With @Aviex’s blessings, I am working on re-releasing Hearthoween this year! As of right now…it might be ready for Halloween :sweat:

However! The only real issue is some clipping with hair/beards, which isn’t too jarring with some hairstyles. It’s primarily the Locks of Many Hair fanciful ones that have an issue. Really, the clipping kinda just makes it look all the more like the costumes have the flaws of some “cheap” or homemade costumes to me.

So with that in mind, here is the link to the original Hearthoween:
Hearthoween 2016 download

And I will update this post when I have a compatibility version up!


The compatibility version will largely involve many of the costumes being tweaked; hoods and masks will either be moved or removed, to accommodate the hair and beards. I have tried other methods, such as changing the transparency… no bueno. So, to cite a silly line I pictured in the Benefactor’s voice earlier;
“Look, you can either have the stylish hair and beard, OR you can have the stylish costume.”

I have managed a few small fixes along the way with minor tweaks, so they may still be saved, but we’ll see when we get there. For now, the Kitty is out.


-Test Improvement #1; changing masks/hoods to use both “hat” and “head” layers instead of entirely being on “hat”

First interesting result that I simply had to share:

He is one cool beaver, yo

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Trying to remove the masks or otherwise edit the models is…making things really go awry with other parts that I haven’t touched (namely hands/shoulders), and it’s making me cry. I don’t know if I’m going to actually be able to fix the hair/beard issue.

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I know the hairs and so on is your babies :slight_smile: But maybe you should let the costumes weigh heavier on this project?

Maybe next years version could be including both? Then you wont have the timefactor to stress you on top of it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the effort you have put into this for the rest of us, until now!


is it too soon to talk about Hearthoween 2018 @Kittyodoom? :joy:


What do you want to do with it, eh?

Well… we have new classes… and a geomancer with some minions…

I feel it’s only natural the golems have outfits aswell…

PERHAPS it’d be a great time to release my Equipment Wizard mod before it, so we could have all their costumes as separate items.

Then Equipment Wizard allows you to pick your preferred outfit for your hearthlings.


How do you feel about a Robo-Puppies for the Cricket Golem? :thinking:

If I may give a couple of suggestions…

  • New golem recipes that uses pumpkins and the golem has a jack o’lantern instead of a head.
  • Geomancer “Halloween” themed landmark stones
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We barely missed the “July” mark :laughing:

I just had a scary thought… Do bunnies and orcs all need halloween outfits…? :fearful:

I don’t think the worker bunnies would work that well with bunny race.

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Could make the female workers into Little Red Riding Hood?

Hmm, or a sheep! :smiley:



  1. If I sit and make all the outfits, will you do the coding part? I still get much too frustrated and self-defeated doing that in big quantities (hence how slow my mod updates / new mod production tends to be)

  2. Do we want to do new costumes for all the classes, or just update the female worker and make ones that are missing?

  3. Far as missing ones go - do we want to try making ones for mod classes, such as the Fisher, Glassmaker, Miner, etc? So anyone using those mods don’t have Hearthlings who aren’t in on the fun?

  4. Do we want to go beyond just costumes, maybe do some decorations and/or workshop alterations?

if you do i gotta warn you, its anoying fiddly work to do that :’) (got only two crafters set up with custom stations atm and its fiddly as fuck to do. not hard. just fiddly)

It’s fiddly when you want to create new workstations that work the same as the old ones but are not the same entity (like the Rayya’s Kiln and Potter’s wheel), but for their purposes I imagine a simple qb/png override is what they would go for (since it’s a seasonal “skin pack”, sort of)

So shouldn’t be difficult at all :blush:

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Fair point really, they can use the jackhammer(overwrites, wheeeee) while I use a scalpel(mix Ing in equivalency and mixing out old stations) XD

@Aviex! AAAAAviiiiiexxxxx…

Sorry I’m not entirely sure on a scale. I’m actually out of country for work now until Friday.

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