[WIP] Great Knight Class Mod, Tier 3 combat class!

Hey guys, as another addition to my ‘evolution of combat’ set of mods I am here with another combat class.

This one… is a little different though, it’s the first combat class that is a tier 3 combat class.

Things to expect of the Great Knight:

  • Ttakes all the things that the Knight did and expands upon it.
  • Wears heavy armor, heavy than that of the Knight, and also wields a Great Sword.
  • Crowd control, able to deal with many foes at once with constant aoe wide sword swings
  • Accessed by promoting a level 5 Knight when the player has a Great Sword(made by the blacksmith)


Awesome! looks cool, love your assassin and enchanter mods

Looks amazing - but hows the balancing? Sounds pretty op imo :grin:

It’s going to be pretty op in the sense of how things are now.

I’m working on this and another class mod and then I’m going to work on mods adding monsters.

Thennnnnnnn I’m thinking of a… “Lunatic” mode. Basically, hard mode but worse.

Man it looks really nice but in think the model of the helmet is a bit of. :smiley:

i like the visor look as one could lift it up if needed.

The plain slit in the helmet to see is kinda boring.

I might touch up the helmet design a bit with designs, but I think I’ll keep the visor.

Slight helmet redesign?

Anyone wondering what the backside looks like.
They have a little cape


Nice new class :slight_smile: would like to see even more in the future maybe oen that either Favors Wielding some big maces or even Flails :slight_smile:

Currently I’m working on adding another tier 2 combat class and then this tier 3 combat class.

We need more things late game for any more tier 3 classes to be worth it. Also the “Armorsmith” that is a class named in the files would be nice, to have an advanced blacksmith to make armor/weapons for tier 3 combat classes.


this is realy cool i cant wait to use it when you finish the other class
i use ur other mods aot