Welcome to Lunatic Mode Test Town #1

I’ve been slowly working on a mod that adds a difficulty harder than hard mode.

It seems like most of it is coming together so I’m playing my first test playthrough with it.

So far I’ve lost 2 only hearthlings, a big wolf came and ate them on day 6 :’(

But now I have an engineer, 2 great knights, a cleric, and an archer.

I have completely fenced in my town, I have a designated sleeping quarters with a wall to protect my weak little hearthlings and a designated square to eat at. I am keeping my number of crafters to a minimum. So far my 2nd healer(herbalist at the time) and my mason died when i sent troops out to clear a goblin camp and the big wolf rushed in killing them. :frowning:


(offtopic) How do you get so many foxes?

(offtopic) Don’t question it.

EDIT: That’s part of another mod I’m working on. :slight_smile:

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Very brave to have no gate stopping enemies rushing in. Unless there is one and I have missed it.

@Bones287 No gate. I do have turrets positioned at the only entrance and great knights constantly patrolling it(1 always stays inside regardless of enemies nearby).

@BrunoSupremo I’m testing 2 mods at once with this playthrough…

The foxes are a part of my “pet house” idea. The house wasn’t built yet.

Foxes are mainly upstairs but they can go up and down the stairs freely. They can also leave the house.

Kitties are downstairs mainly. They can also go up and down stairs freely and leave the house. Little porch in the back for the kitties.