Class and Dungeons mod (late game)

this is still in progres so im thinking of the next update is probably were this mod is going to be a useable mod.

So far im making a duelist class
and a sniper class.
The dualist is going to be a upgrade from footmen in level 6, and u will be able to hold 2 swords instead of 1, and
it has about the same ability’s as a footmen just a bit buffed, but the last ability the dualist will learn is a spinning attack
which can hit every monster in his way.
The sniper is going to be a upgrade from archer, this is not meant for open combat but rather for defending from walls.
it has longer range then the archer and it’s dmg is higher. The sniper is going to use crossbows since i don’t like mecanical stuff xD.
The sniper is a class which will buff it’s bolts, the there for it’s not the best class in open combat but more single target dmg.

The outfits is still in progress

(item for promotion, archer to sniper)

The Dungeon
All the classes will be made for this very momment, because my idea of the dungeons is, they are gonna spawn randomly in the world, and u can go on a adventure with your combat party. The dungeon will be in 3 difficulties.
easy, medium and hard.
they will also contain really good loot.
the dungeon is going to be as a progress bar so far and you will be able to see the combat party’s health, and u will be able to make a new kind of potion which will heal the party members if they get really low on HP.
so far this is not being made cause im thinking of making the classes and all that good stuff to be finished first.
So the dungeons is going to be a lot later but i have hopes for it to be in the mod at some point.



Nice start with voxel model and good luck for this awesome project, i were thinking about some kind of dungeon mod too but i’m too lazy to make that :slight_smile: .

thx, and yea like im always open for any kind of help xD
if any got good ideas come with em :slight_smile:

Getting some serious old Zelda vibes from that tree. Looking forward to seeing what you can do!

will you make some kind of cave skin for dungeons in mountain zone ? :slight_smile:

maby in the future, right know it’s more about getting the dungeon do the basics, like u can go into it with a raid party of 5, there after a progress bar, so u don’t really control the party, but rather u have a progress bar and u can see there hp when they are in the dungeon

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and then when u finnish the dungeon is going to dissapear and there will be some items lying on the ground for u to get