[Mod] Crusader mod [A18]


I was trying to add compatibility for A20 (for A19 it might be working fine) but there’s a problem with the animations.
So I’ll put this on hold until I find out if there’s a solution.


Isn’t because of this?


No, it has to do with the overrides.


Ok, it was a wrong path in my manifest, they changed the folder structure under data/rigs.
But now I have to redo the animations to account for toes :forlorn:


Ops, sorry, I could have helped before if I noticed it… The same happened to me, I used the goblin animations for my cocoling, and after the update the paths were wrong too.


I hope progress is going well. Has A20+ really caused so much issue with mods?


@Relyss are you thinking about making this alpha 21?


I have updated it in my computer, but I still need to redo the animations because this was made before the hearthlings got toes, so some animations look weird with the toes floating. And maybe something else broke after that, haven’t checked it in a while. :disappointed: