[Alpha19] Enchanter Class/Mithril Weapons Mod+Enchanter Expansion Mod

I started working on my new mod class today. The next class mod I am adding is for the Enchanter.

#The Enchanter

The enchanter will be that ‘end-game’ crafter that you’ve always wanted. The enchanters role is to add well… enchantments to weapons/armors.

You want a flaming broadsword? The enchanter will deliver just that.

You want a set of silver platemail that gives you bonus healing? Enchanter can deliver that too!

Just curious what crowd likes this modd.

  • I want this mod
  • This mod isn’t for me
  • I’ll wait to get this mod

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Old additions:

  • Rune system, craft blank runes with the Potter and enchant them with the Enchatner
  • New Element! Earth! takes that old weapon and gives it a ‘rock solid’ twist

New additions:

  • Mithril Ore
  • Mithril Ingots
  • Mithril Weapons for Archer/Knight

Alpha 19[v3.0]

#Enchanter Expansion

  • Adds onto this ‘combat theme’ I have going by adding onto this mod

#What does it add?

#Footman’'s Mithril Battle Axe

#Assassin’s Mithril Scimitar & Dagger


First look at the enchanter in-game.

Alright, cool cool. Got the empty crafter in-game. Now to add that workbench in(already done), adds some level up data and make an icon for it

Workbench added in, has a neat little blue glowing effect.


Looking good! I really like what you’ve done so far.

Nice job dude, hope to see this mod up and working some day. :+1: :grinning:

Got my first enchanted variant of a weapon in.

The Fire variant of the Two Handed sword, it has a chance to set enemies ablaze.

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Does anyone know if it’s possible to add particle/light effects to weapons?
@jomaxro @Wiese2007 @Relyss any of you know?

I tried adding a “stonehearth:lamp” effect to the sword(the one that’s on the workbench) but it didn’t appear to work.

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I’m fairly certain it is, but I am not the right person to ask! Relyss or Wiess would likely be much better to assist with this.

It appears I wasn’t thinking correctly, I forgot the workbench effect is set to only be active at night.

Still not sure why I can’t get a fire effect(the one that appears on burning enemies) to appear on the sword.

I have fixed my own problems…

Here’s a flaming sword.
I gotta move the fire up the z, I wish it could emit along the blade.


I’m currently trying to make ‘elemental’ weapons by adding debuffs they’d apply on-hit at a % ratio of applying.

But it appears that when you add this

  "stonehearth:buffs": {
     "inflictable_debuffs": {
        "infection": {
           "uri": "enchanter:buffs:enchanted_ice",
           "chance": 0.2

to apply this

"duration": "15m",
"repeat_add_action": "renew_duration",
"modifiers": {	
  "speed": {
     "multiply": 0

to a weapon the “chance”: variable of the infection almost doesn’t matter at all?

I’ve set it to 1.0(which should be 100% accurate) and I’ve lowered it by .1 until it was 0.0 and it almost always(read the edit) applied the debuff unless the chance was completely 0. Anyone from TR know if this is if a bug with any of the inflict debuff behavior or if this is only a bug if one is trying to add it to something that isn’t an ability?

Seems like it’s an all-or-nothing case.

@linda @brad

So I did more testing and when I had it set to .1(which should be 10%) it actually failed to apply the debuff! But then swiftly applied it on the next hit. And then applied it on the first hit on the next target…

Either I’m getting really lucky and beating the odds or 0.1 isn’t a true 10%.

I currently have an ice and fire variants of the two-handed sword in.

If anyone wants to try it out and test it before it’s done reply to this and let me know.

To anyone who’s seen my other mod

Yes, you can DOUBLE burn targets.

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I have released a Test build for the mod, it requires @Froggy’s cookmod for a small necessity in a recipe.

Let me know what you think of the small things I have added now, I will work to make a few more ‘elemental’ variants before expanding the number of weapons that can be enchanted.

Heya Aviex, only problem I’ve found was there isn’t a crafting icon in the “Crafters” easy access UI, other wise all seems to work fine, made the swords, couple footmen armed and are using them.

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Oh yeah, forgot about that…

Also the swords are tiered like ICE>FIRE>basic

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I have added it now, the download is updated.

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Working on a part of the mod that’ll play a major role in the weapons.

so footmen will prefer ice over fire swords if both are available? why not make it switchable like the archers quiver?

Archers put all the arrows in the same quiver and alternate between which they’re using.

You can’t have the footmen equipping all the swords. Sadly, and they’re a bit more ‘expensive’ than arrow quivers. :frowning:

I am looking to figure out how to make a separate mod where you can control what gear a unit will use when there’s multiple of the same iLevel(determination to what they use).