[Alpha19] Enchanter Class/Mithril Weapons Mod+Enchanter Expansion Mod


I don’t know that, I thought that if you switch quivers they pick it up and drop the old quiver.



I might have phrased that a little weird.

  "stonehearth:equipment_piece": {
     "render_type": "merge_with_model",
     "slot": "accessory",
     "ilevel": 2,
     "required_job_level": 2,
     "roles": "archer_job",
     "equip_effect": "stonehearth:effects:weapon_level_up"
  "stonehearth:equipment_swap": {
     "swap_options": {
        "none": {
           "command": "stonehearth:commands:archer_arrows:default",
           "ordinal": 1
        "slow": {
           "uri": "stonehearth:archer:abilities:slow_arrow",
           "command": "stonehearth:commands:archer_arrows:slow",
           "ordinal": 2
        "fire": {
           "uri": "stonehearth:archer:abilities:fire_arrow",
           "command": "stonehearth:commands:archer_arrows:fire",
           "ordinal": 3
     "default": "fire"

Here is the quiver’s functionality. They’re determined to be of accessory type and they have this variable that allows the player to swap between them. I can try to see if that variable will also work on weapons. But I don’t believe it does.

I am also not entirely sure how commands work as I’ve only messed with them once.


Actually I had to double check, but I was correct.
Archers just alternate between arrows they are using not completely swap gear. They always use FIRE quivers which has all the previous quivers in it.


Will you be adding any enchanted weapons for the knight class?


I will! :smiley:

I do plan on adding enchanted weapons first to the BEST weapon for each class(recurve bow for archers, long sword for knights, two handed sword for soldier).

I also plan to add enchanted armors that will do a variety of things, from gradual healing(for say a tankier knight) or damage modifier for stronger archers, idk.

For now, I’m working on the 4-5 ‘elements’/'enchantments to be added in-game, then I’m moving to expand that to all the weapons I mentioned before. Basically the Two Handed sword is just the testing weapon of choice(especially since many people have complaints/suggestions to how footmen should be).

The enchanter is supposed to fulfill that need for… “something to do” once you’ve gotten to “late game” that’s why many of the recipes will require level 6 materials/a large amount(like the molten ingot for the fire sword).

I might even add enchanted weapons that are useable by some… modded classes perhaps. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Awesome, as it is I find it silly to work to get the weapons from the enchanter just to end up promoting Footmen to Knight, Crusader or Assassin, by time you have all the stuff for the enchanted two handed, your troops are long past already for promotion.


Some people see knight as just the tank where footmen are the real damage dealers


True, but with the Assassin and Crusader isn’t much need for footman, and they have 0 in the way of upgrades.

Population wise I don’t normally go above 25 total, don’t have many spare hearthlings and still have a worker or two with all the crafters, game starts getting jittery (with the current build)


Well, I’m talking without the asssassin/crusader since those are both modded classes.


Somewhat late but yes, you can add particle effects to weapons.

About the chance of inflicting the debuff, I think for the crusader mod the debuff had 0.5 chance, and there were some times in which it wasn’t inflicted at all, then other times in which it was inflicted several times on a row. So I’m not sure if the percentage is correct or not. :confused:


I have it at 0.1 and it’s doing similar things.

Is there any editor or something for particles/effects? I saw that unofficial post of an editor but it didn’t work. :disappointed:


So I’ve decided how I’m going to do a lot of the “runes” for the enchanter.

I am going to make it very… combat based and aimed to late-game uses.

I have decided to use the drops from enemies to use as combinations for these runes.

Something like this.

Wind Runes

  • Costs 15 wolf pelts
  • % chance of AOE dmg

Fire Runes

  • Costs 5 Golbin Tokens and 5 Broken FLutes
  • % chance of DOT burning

Ice Runes

  • Costs 10 Varanus Skins
  • % chance to freeze enemies

Earth Runes

  • Costs 5 Ogre Bones
  • 1.5x base weapon dmg increase

Blood Runes

  • Costs 10 Kobold Hats
  • % chance to steal health on-hit

Fear Runes

  • Costs 1 Grave of a Fallen Hearthling
  • % chance to induce panic on enemy

Death Rune

  • Costs 1 Bonker, 1 Great Bone Axe, 1 Great Bone Mace
  • % chance of insta-kill on hit
  • Only possible to make 1 ever in-game.


Okay so I’m addding in the runes in-game and here’s what a few look like in-game.

Should I make their portrait for the crafting menu their symbol or just the icon of the rune? This would only be in the crafting menu, everywhere else it’d be their actual icon.

  • Symbol
  • Icon of Rune

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New version updated guys, no longer requires Froggy’s cafe mod.

Also brings to the table the new, always rock solid, Enchanted Two Handed Sword(Earth)…


I would suggest making the rune vertical rather than flat; Looks like a stepping stone lol


They’re very noticeable with the icons on them, and would look weird standing up right.

I might add a glow to the enchanted versions AKA fire glows red, water glows blue, earth glows… green?

They’re not exactly going to be EASILY obtainable, at most you’ll be able to get 1-2 fire runes and 1-2 earth runes.

Water runes depends on how much RNGod likes you and spawns Varanus

Also, many people will probably end up storing them in containers, and since they’re late-game aimed items, you’ll MOST likely have containers by that point.


are you planning on enchanting bows?

if yes, what will happen to the quivers? will it stack or override?

are you planning on enchanting books for additional buffs? like ex. healing hearthlings also makes them faster, stronger, or braver(less to zero percent chance to flee)


I am, but I’m also planning on adding new weapons(since bows only have 1 upgrade).

I’m going to be adding new weapons for each combat class that are even more ‘late game’ than some are at the moment.

Right now I’m basically using the two-handed sword as a test for each element added into the game before I expand the variety of weapons that are capable of being enchanted.

My priorities of this mod are:

  • Get all the elements in-game and make sure they’re possible to make
  • Add a new ore in-game that’ll be used for the new weapons along with the molten ingot I have in game now
  • Make a whole tier of weapons for each combat class that are more ‘end-game’(with a side mod that’ll add weapons for the crusader+assassin modded classes)
  • Balance all the weapons


I tested the ice and fire enchanted sword and the inflict % seemed to roughly match. The chance variable refers to the % chance of applying the debuff on each hit and not the % of it applying over the course of an entire battle.


That’s what I thought it meant.

Just sometimes it seems like it’ll apply the debuff 9/10 times when they attack.

Either I’m getting lucky with the RNG or it seems off.