[Alpha19] Enchanter Class/Mithril Weapons Mod+Enchanter Expansion Mod


I’m working on the current ‘additional tier’ of weapons… but the colors look a little bit… flamboyant for Stonehearth’s taste


New update!

Adds a new metal to the game, the legendary Mithril!

Mithril is the rarest metal in the land, legend says it takes the heat of dragon fire to smelt the darn thing!

With Mithril you are able to craft new weapons for your archers and knights.

Soon, the Enchanter will be able to enchant these weapons!

I’m about to make a companion mod for this mod that adds Mithril Weapons for the Crusader and the Assassin classes.

@Relyss are you okay with me adding a weapon that is for your Crusader class?


Slight update to those who might have already downloaded the version with mithril weapons.

Fixed the description bugs for the long sword object.


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Oh, the main reason I posted again from the first and third is to let everyone know who might have downloaded the mod update after the first that a fix for something in it was available, I should merge the 2nd to the first though. My apologies.


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Yeah, I could, I usually don’t like the

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@8BitCrab has generally been fine with people double posting updates on their own thread in the past.


I wasnt aware of this; I’ve been trying not to double post on my wiki rebirth topic because I know double posting is usually frowned upon


Last I was told as long as it’s not spam and it adds something to the thread(like announcing a new update/change) it isn’t against the rules.


yep, as long as it’s not just double posting to get more attention, and is actually adding more content to the thread i’m fine with it… i mean, i’d kinda be a hypocrite with my modelling thread and such if i wasn’t fine with it :wink:

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I will not throw you under the bus if I am in the future “punished” for double posting.


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I understand @jomaxro I will be sure to only post for meaningful updates to my mods.

Speaking of which

My expansion mod is complete and has been added to the main post!!

Here’s some cool screenshots featuring an all tricked out squad of soldiers.


Maybe a stupid question, but how do i download the mod and get it into a smod-file?
When i click on the link i get to a map with the files unpacked…


If you haven’t figured it out yet, you click this button on the first screen.
Someone had similar problems with the other mod, so it’s not a stupid question :slight_smile:

Since “.smod” is really just a zipped folder renamed, google drive is smart enough to realize that and show its contents.


Update, the Mithril Battleaxe in the expansion mod is now assigned to the Footman job for design reasons.


Many thanks for help :slight_smile: