[Alpha19] Enchanter Class/Mithril Weapons Mod+Enchanter Expansion Mod


Hi Aviex,

your mod looks very interesting. I will definitively give it a try this weekend.
May I ask, which voxel editor you used to create the weapons (complete selfish question for I 'm considering to start modding in Stonehearth myself :slight_smile: )?



And it’s no problem, I’ve used Quiblce since Qubicle came out, so almost 4 years now? Qubicle is now on Qubicle 3, but I still use Qubicle 2.5.


I took a quick peek at Qubicle, but the price is currently holding me off - for a pure hobby project (as far as I can see, the Steam version is too restricted). But I don’t want to derail your thread. Thanks for the answer.


Hiya Aviex, wanted to ask, isn’t the mithril suppose to be a bit rare? just curious since I seem to be inundated with it.

it’s everywhere, already have way more then needed to make a mithril weapon for everyone, not just combat units, all the blue in the pics are mithril


Hmm, do you have the latest/was this world made with the latest?

There was one version of the mod which had Mithril spawning in HUGE veins and also in many places. Now it’s about as common as gold.


That might be it, I was confused with all the versions and links to other versions that linked back to this or that version since I use all of them, that is Assassin, Crusader, Enchanter and Enchanter expansion, maybe could put all current versions in one zip :), I had 5 stonehearth forum pages open yesterday figuring it out :slight_smile:


The Crusader is not my mod, and is actually no longer connected to the expansion mod.

Though I am working on another class, and after that I might make 1 “package” thread that encompasses it all.

All the mods I’m working on focus on combat and making combat more expansive.

Maybe I’ll work on mods for enemies after it’s all done :slight_smile:



Some of you might be wondering what’s going on lately with the Enchanter Mod. I have recently started a new job and have been pretty swamped with things I have to do so I haven’t had much time to work on this. I have also started work on another mod that’s kind of… time sensitive and needs to be done by a certain time with some others so it’s been put above this in terms of priority.

I have gotten some things done for this mod, I was looking at how to add the behavior I have planned for some of these enchantments and have written the lua scripts to get them done. There will be an update to this mod probably sometime this month, but I don’t know when exactly.


My villagers won’t pick up and carry the mined mithril back to a stockpile, so i can’t actually use it to manufacture anything. Doesn’t all items have to be added to the game’s stockpile_filters.json file in order to be possible to store them at a stockpile? This mod doesn’t have an entry for the stockpile_filters.json file in its manifest like other mods that add items do, such as the Cafe mod.


A stockpile_filters.json only adds a new filter to the stockpiles.

The mithrill ore should be tagged as an ore. But I doubled check and it looks like it should be carried to your stockpile that has ore filter checked. Can you share screenshots or upload a save?


OK. Well, it’s just mithril ore lying around where they mined it pretty close to the village and the stockpile i use specifically for all types of ore containing no mithril ore. I’ve sent a message to the creator of the Better Stockpiles mod to see if there is a patch necessary for this, like there is for the Cafe mod etc.


I found that mithril ore was somehow tied to clay. When I deselected clay from a stock pile that had been set to all, the clay and the mithril ore were removed.


Strange… I don’t see… how. Has the same stockpile tags as other ores :no_mouth:


I am not sure why either. Here is a pic I took. I only removed clay from the filter, yet all the mithril ore is now excluded from the stockpile.

I am using better stockpiles, not sure if that has anything to do with it.


I was just wondering if Mithril will spawn in a world that has already been created. i forgot about mods before i started my new world and im already 20+ hours into this. dont really want to start again


Sadly no, ore veins are generated when the world is created. The mod adds in the Mithril veins so it needs to be activated when a world is created. Mithril ore/weapons will be in a game after it’s been created but technically cannot be obtained from veins.

Though the is a random chance of mithril when you mine normal stone. Though it’s really rare. About a fifth as common as gold I think?


Ah k, all good thanks mate. Ive just started a new world anyway :smiley:


Ahh, I see now. I haven’t used Better Stockpiles in ages so I forgot.

They separate the filters into each individual ore and I guess since each ore is separated out like that for some reason mithril is sorted like clay… Tbh I’m not sure how the better stockpiles work and I’m kinda swamped rn w/ work to try and make a compatible patch.


Ok so now im about 10 hours into this new world and still haven’t seen any Mithril, unless im blind i cant seem to find any. I understand its rare lol.

maybe just keep looking?


Is the mod enabled? If so then it should be there. Though last I checked the vain spawn rate was small occasional vains.