[Alpha19] Enchanter Class/Mithril Weapons Mod+Enchanter Expansion Mod


Yeah its enabled, might just be unlucky atm lol


Does this mod works with alpha 20 ?
I generated a new world, mined a lot and didn’t find any mithril, even though i have the enchanter and mithril related recipes available in game.

Edit: Just found a little mithril vein, after digging through all the mountain. Guess it’s super rare, but the mod seems to work. :slight_smile:


It is almost impossible to mine mithril from common rocks now, because after the a19 update the loot chances of mined items changed.

Basically, we have a weight chance of 200 to get a stone from a mined rock, and a chance of 10 to get gold ore, the rarest of all drops.

In this mod the chance to drop mithril is 0.005. It is 2000 times more rare than the rarest default ore… I would say this mod needs an update to correct the values :wink:

(The mithril ore veins are ok)


Not sure if those viens are ok cause i started a game 1hour ago with the mod and i cant find any mithril


keep mining I even found mithril on the canyon biome mod


I just downloaded both this and the Assassin Class mod and somethings already wrong. I have the Mithril Bow and 2h Sword, I have the option to make ingots (If I ever find mithril). However, both the Mithril Battle Axe and Scimitars are no where to be found. Made a new world and still don’t have the recipe. Anyone else having this problem?


Okay, so I want mithril in my main world, and I don’t want to make a brand new world just to have it. During my lets play, someone suggested that I just spawn the mithril for it and remove an equal ammount of another resource to balance it out. I’ve been trying to find out how exactly to add the mithril, but so far the “fill_storage” command hasn’t been working no matter what. What would be the URI for your mithril ore/ingot’s? I really want it in my main world, because I don’t want to start new just yet. Thank you for any help you can give!


I’m not sure if this would work, but maybe as you explore more new areas in the map, maybe the game generate that as ore veins. I know that just mining rocks will actually drop them, but ver rarely…

To get the name of the item, you open its manifest file to check, or use the debug stamp tool in-game, you can type just a part of the text and it lists all items that match it, so you can find the full name there.


Thank you very much! For some reason when I first used the item stamper, typing “mithril” didn’t come up with any results, so I was stumped. Only typing part of the actual word in worked just fine. Thank you again!


Just a note for everyone, including the mod developer, the classes are effectively useless due to the new UI. There is no icon to designate promotions.

The Stonehearth devs put in how you can adjust this in the Alpha 21 patch notes. I highly suggest someone fixes this, because I like the idea of this mod.


Thanks for the note. With A21 now on stable, I’ll recategorize this as #modding:outdated-mods. If Grant updates the mod with the class UI changes, we’ll get it moved back to #modding:current-mods.


As an additional, I am fairly certain that Mythril does not spawn. According to the OP, Mythril is suppose to have 1/5 of the odds of spawning from rock as Gold.

I have at least 30 gold mined from regular rocks, and not a single Mythril ore.


@Aviex Will this be transfered to alpha 21?


@Aviex On the jobs screen, the enchanter icon doesn’t exist, am I missing something?


This mod is outdated. There was a change where modders need to add an extra field for the job description, otherwise it won’t appear in the jobs screen. Don’t know if Aviex plans to update it.