[MOD Faction] The Grand Principality

I’m currently working on a new faction, known as the Grand Principality. They will be a branch off of the Ascendancy, featuring a reworked progression tree and several new classes and items.

I haven’t fleshed out their lore yet, but I will be writing up on it soon. They will borrow from Scandinavian and Eastern European societies. Their timeline is somewhat behind the Ascendancy, starting in Late Antiquity through the High Middle Ages (sorry, no Engineers). Their preferred start location will be my Grove biome.

Example Classes:

Promotes from: Worker
Talisman: Woodsman’s Axe
Crafter?: Yes, limited early carpentry
Features: Increased capacity for logging and hauling. Faster and far more durable than standard hearthlings.

Promotes from: Farmer
Talisman: Wooden Sword
Crafter?: No
Features: Early militia unit. Provides minor bonuses to nearby hearthlings and can still perform most laborer tasks.

Now is a great time to get some early feedback and ideas from the community as I start coding! If you have any ideas you’d like to see potentially implemented, check out the thread linked below and leave a comment!


seems firstpost is mine, so how about instead of eliminating the engineer you turn him into something else? how about a runesmith? or some rune stuff guy, somee sort off mgical contraption

also if you need help with classes i’d be glad to help

You’re right that turrets would be a bit futuristic to this faction but simple traps aren’t. I’d like to have a spike trap from wood or a sling trap from the weaver. The yeoman could install those after they are crafted. (btw. thumbs up for the yeoman)

If you need some simple building templates could you give me a reply. From your stated origin the tier one building templates would be akin the asian yurts of nomadic tribes (only with wood) and tier two would be more detailed and bigger longhouses.

I may look into expanding the trap options and linking them to the trapper class (which I think he was originally supposed to have as a level 6 perk). I did like the idea of snap traps or spikes.

As for classes, I think I’m going to make a separate thread for that and link it here, as to avoid cluttering the discussion of this one.

How about the building templates? Do you want some basic designs or are you making them yourself?

I’m open to all suggestions! No promises they’ll fit the narrative I’m trying to paint, but I’m open to ideas! Feel free to post them on [this thread] ([MOD Faction Discussion] Principality Suggestion Thread) and maybe they’ll get incorporated! You’ll be given credit, of course. Maybe you’ll get to name a hearthling, or a monument will be named after you, or your name will go on one of the buildings!

OK. I’ll get a first assortment done until the weekend. They can be still changed afterwards.

No rush, it’s going to take me weeks to code this since I don’t have much time after work, so most of it will happen during my rare moments of free time on weekends haha