[MOD Faction Discussion] Principality Suggestion Thread

Continuing the discussion from The Grand Principality:

This thread is for discussion and suggestions/ideas for classes, lore, templates, or anything related to my Grand Principality mod. Please comment below! Ideas that make it into the mod will be posted in the OP. Come up with some good ideas, and you can design a character in the mod, get hearthlings named after you, or have an in game monument made in your honor, who knows, the possibilities are out there!

As things get fleshed out, we may add a template for suggestions, so please check the OP for updates.

so we are talking here about scandinavian and nomadic cultures at the same time…
concerning classes I believe a druid and a hunter are in order, since nomadic tribes based their sustenance on hunting gathering I believe some sort of archer, perhaps a crossbowman which could do extra damaga vs beasts, this hunter should also take hides and bones from them, which would both be important in their culture, hides for the tents they live in and bones for rituals, which leads me to the witch/esper/shaman class which should be kind of a charmer/seer applying buffs or cursing.
regarding the materials for the houses in the linked thread I think hides are more lore friendly concerning a nomadic tribe, also an additional feature could be a way to “pack” the building and carry it somewhere else in case of danger or scarcity of food (also the farmer class should be eliminated)

There’s not really going to be a nomadic theme to the faction, not sure where that idea came from. I do like the idea of a druid class though. I want to really flesh out the herbalist class because right now it’s incredibly lackluster once you have a cleric.