More enjoyable characters

I think it can be a good idea to be more villager/kingdom types like Japanese or Dwarfs or something like that can be really impressive and creative.

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I feel like maybe the “Japanese” or already existing civilizations for that matter may be too much, but the dwarves concept is a rather good one. Perhaps groups of people with different abilities, such as dwarfs having a higher chance of finding resources underground.

Scroll down to “Monsters & Denizens” - Dwarves are already planned.


But I really want to see some kind of Ninja or Samurai clan type characters

Ninja classes would be nice. But i think it is total ok to have them as npc class only

Like WaltWhiteside said before
Scroll down to “Pirates, Ninjas, Politicians” - Ninjas are already planned. :relaxed:

The user wharp makes a mod with a new race, something like dwarf (the gameplay feels like you play a dwarfclan)

Well all factions so far have been inspired by a culture. Ascendancy is the “typical” feudal European culture. I think Rayyas Children are inspired by old cultures in central/southern America like Aztecs, Maya etc. The last human faction will be inspired by Nordic cultures, so I guess they will be “kind of” Vikings. I hope this is not too much of a sterotype. :grin: Wouldn’t actually have been very surprising to see a forth Asian faction if you look at the other inspirations.

But I really want to see some kind of Japanese npc class because the dwarf class is just another example

But Japanese style villagers would be my favourite with ninja and/or samurai fighters (for example with better combat but longer training and learning time for the fighters)

well there is @Avairian’s awesome WIP mod,

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well that could absolutely be made, just not under a specified civilization. maybe such as the ninja clan or the samurai clan, or something along those lines.

But be honest Japanese style characters as npc-s would be really cool