Class Types for Villagers

Since I can only guess at what class types will be in the game, I was hoping everyone on here would pitch in class type ideas for the villagers in the game

I will start with a short list so please continue to add on to this or come up with sub classes for these existing categories.

-Fighter Class: (Barbarian, knight, Paladin)
-Magician Class: (Dark magic, light magic, Druid)
-Rogue Class: (Theif, Ninja, assassin)
-Preist Class:
-Healer Class:
-Herbalist Class:
-Fisherman Class:
-Hunter Class:
-Builder Class:
-Farmer Class:
-Blacksmith Class:
-Merchant class:
-Pirate class:
-Gunsmith class:
-Explosives class:

Check out the class tree that @wigjump made.

I would love to see more mage classes! But I think it would be really interesting if magic wasn’t “free.”

Perhaps Mages could be exceptionally weak (like normal), have no physical attacks, and can only cast one powerful spell a day.

That way, when you are moving your armies, you have to keep your mages protected as you take them to a Titan’s cave.

EDIT: Mages can also be non-combative. You can use them to make potions and fire bombs, but the items they make are hard to carry and break if carried on a character and they drop below a certain hp.

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I like the idea of classes being able to make specific items! Also I was thinking about an engineer class that can build turrets or catapults for fighting titans.

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The Devs would have most of that covered already.
The obvious main classes cover the needs of the villagers.
Fighting, crafting and food production.
With subclasses like wood, stone, metal, plants, animals.

Also note that classes are one of the modable elements and I am sure someone will eventually release some awesome total conversions.

Once everything is completed, the modding community is going to make this a near perfect game!

Custom items made by specific classes would be really nice! Perhaps a Trap creator (I’m bad at names 3:) that can dig spike pits, moats, etc. for defense against weaker enemies.

I mean, I understand that Ninjas are cool and everyone wants them, but wouldn’t a Ninja be the same thing as an Assassin?

If I’m wrong, please correct me. It just seems like they both accomplish the same task.

No, A1UR you’re right! Assassins and ninjas are basically the same thing. I was just thinking of names to call that class.

One thought I also had was riding the larger pets into battle, (mammoths, dragons, tortoise, whatever)

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Ridding Mammoths reminds me of LOTR
A mobile turret platform,


Quick question about homes and villagers.
Does each villager need their own home?
Meaning 1 Home and 2 villagers?
Can more than 1 villager live in 1 home?
Does each villager need their own home?

You could add a hero onto the fighter class?
Have one per city/large town that is really hard to make, say with armour and weapons collected from defeated bosses but has masses of hp, attack and defence points and has some form of positive morale boost on your troops.

Yeah, I would really want to see the ability to create certain villagers that are more powerful than the rest. Be it through experience, or armor or whatever else. A veteran fighter that has won countless battles and has become tougher because of it.

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I would think that a Firefighter might be a good class. Another thing that might be good is if we had a Horseman, someone who can train pets for riding as @kebinu777 was saying. I would think that it would work similar to the Shepard class maybe even branch off from that.

I like how a carpenter needs a hoe to become a farmer. Just like a boy needs a hoe to become a man.

is that tree in any way official?

No, the parts in the blue box are the ones we have seen during the Kickstarter - everything else was just made by @wigjump :slight_smile: