Simply some VoxelStuff


Gremlins? xD Dont give them water xD


don’t have a clue what character that is (or what movie it’s from), but wow, that’s an amazing render! i hope to see more like it in the future!


The Black Cauldron!?


lol! No no no -he is not a Gremling >< haha!
-This guy can even eat after midnight! ^^P

@coasterspaul Indeed! -Red apples made me think of this little guy :smile:



I saw a ‘rubber’? duck from a less potent game while surfing the net recently ^^
So I decided to make a StoneHearth version just for the fun of it!


Friesian Horse

I took another shot at creating a Friesian horse.
Now with a little more experience, and better feel for StoneHearth’s lore.

So, I started a ‘few’ hours ago with a Hearthling’s head, and moved the eyes to the sides.
…And suddenly it’s 07am here ><D

-Hope you like it! ^^

Friesian War-Horse

(I’m totally sold on Blender since I learned to use nodes with textures!)



Tried my hand at making some tall oak trees during the weekend too! :upside_down:

(I use these colors to get a better view of hues…)

MOD - Anórien Biome

Friesian Horse with Styled Mane

Styled Mane


when i saw the original i was like, “wow, that looks really good” then i saw this one and… i have no words, it looks so amazing!


Thanks! :smiley:

-I started on the old model, (from last year), but gave up after just a few seconds and started all over hehe

I spent about seven hours on it, and then I had this thought of the mane :smile:



I made a saddle to go with it (=



My first ‘spinning’ Gif! Yay! ^^

This dragon is a little bit larger than the first one.

Starting to love Qubicle! Especially the way you so easily can move matrixes.
I still use VoxelShop allot though


Horse Caparison
(Only a .qb file)

A Caparison for the Friesian Horse model.

Something I have thought of for a while.
You are free to use it as you see fit ^^

War-Horse Caparison with Saddle (Dark-Blue with White Tree emblem) v01.01.09
horse_caparison_v01.01.09.qb (74.8 KB)


Bust Statue A01v002
(Only a .qb file)



St.Lucy’s Crown
(Only a .qb file)

St.Lucy’s Day is coming up, so this is nothing fancy, but I thought I’d share it (=

st_lucys_crown_female.qb (13.6 KB)


Orc Dudes from Mordor
(Only a .qb file)

Now the Orcs from Mordor, that would be something!
I made a head model anyway =D

I posted this a while ago on one of my MOD-Threads, but I want to add my QB-files in this thread also :upside_down_face:

The armor comes from TR

orc_dude_head_a01v002_merged.qb (15.2 KB)
Use it as you wish!


Gates of Moria

Also uploaded previously here.

This one was quite easy to make, since I found a good reference image.
No shades or anything, just plain single colored voxels, free for your pleasure to edit and use in any of your MODs and so on :wink:
-Just don’t upload it on any other site/forum than StoneHearth.

lotr_doors_of_durin_gates_of_moria_a02_v001.qb (55.4 KB)
(Only a .qb file)


Outdoor Bulletin Board

-Not really sure what a proper name for this ‘sign stand’ would be :smile:

Also previously posted here.

outdoor_bulletin_board_a02v001.qb (144.0 KB)
(Only a .qb file)


I love that sign so much. Reminds me of camp… or maybe the amusement park version.


So true! Like summer camp ^^
I read that it also could be called a ‘Trailhead Kiosk’, but I’m thinking more like the village local message board to pin announcements and maybe even quests (=