Is there an actively managed milk/cattle mod?

Just like in the main question, there are multiple mods adding cows/cattle and milk like Stonehearth Cafe but is any of them still actively managed?

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I add Cows & Pigs, cows produce milk in a similar way sheep shed their wool. They are in the Box O’ Vox mod, might be something you can peek at. granted you don’t mind anything else the mod does.

how do you get cows and pigs? do you need to play a race, that is not the ascendarys? because with them, I only have the 3 vanilla animals

I’ll have to double check, but I was sure we added them to all…

yup, I can confirm. Cows and Pigs work with any kingdom.

I actually do, I won’t enable Necromancy just to get some cattle. We’ll soon end up having a dozen of mods adding products like milk, cheese and beef which will screw the Cook’s recipe list a lot if one chooses to play with more than one: there’s already Cafe (which seems not to be updated often) and Box’o’Vox, also Amberstone mod which is in the making will most probably add pigs (with a somewhat unusual twist to them). Each of these mods adds a list of Cook’s recipes using only that mod’s versions of milk etc. what is a serious compatibility problem. There is a need for universal diary mod which is then expanded by other modders if they want.

@DaniAngione, any plans for Cook+ or Shepherd+ already made?

Cook+ is actually half-done (it was the project I was working on when I suggested ACE and it all started), it doesn’t really add anything new regarding that, though. The idea was, however, to have a “modular” set of mods that you could use alongside Cook+, each adding a new branch for the shepherd-farmer-cook industry; For example, Farmer+ would provide new crops and resources, Shepherd+ would provide new animals and more resources, and all would be “enhanced” (more recipes and such) if used alongside Cook+, opening up things like cheese making, etc.

So my idea was adding cows but calling them “Moos” or “Moomoos” to go along with the “Poyo” cuteness style (instead of chickens). I also considered other things like Yaks, Goats and such for milk, but I really wanted spotted cows :joy:

I never thought about it like that, though (considering different mods and potential piling up of the same resource, etc…)
It could all be easily sorted out if the community standarized a “milk resource” for example, so different milks from different mods could work for different recipes. For example, if I add Goat Milk and someone uses Vox’ mod with Cow Milk and the recipe requires any milk (milk resource constant) both mods would work nicely together without requiring any major tweaking or compatibility work…

But it is, indeed, something to think about. Milk can be seen as a quite raw/basic idea and would be interesting to have an universal resource/standard.

Which brings me to your ACE Discourse message that I also read right now:

Have you ever thought of adding milk to sheep?
I know new animals would be drastic but this I think wasn’t raised much.

I thought that it would be an easy way to add milk (since we’re also adding other drinks anyway) without major “disturbances”, but at the same time it felt weird that the only option of milk in the game would come from what is arguably one of the least common forms of milk (I’d guess cow, buffalo and maybe even goat milk are far more common).
Adding a new animal isn’t really a problem, and if we’re ever going to do this, now is the best time since the next ACE Update is already focusing on the Farmer and the Shepherd, we’re adding animal beddings for pasture (they’ll go to them during bad weather, allowing you to build shelters without having to cover the entire pasture); food mangers for more efficient feeding, more feeding options and generic feed, the option to raise ostriches for renewable large eggs, etc.

So the question that remains, for you guys and the community (and I’ll repeat it in Discourse) is:
Are Moos/Moomoos something that would be appreciated if added to ACE, creating a common milk resource that can then be used by other mods for different types of milk, etc? Is this something that would be desired?
Because if so, I already have both hands on the Shepherd right now :jubilant: so would be just a step further!

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Maybe a weird thought, but is it possible to have Shepherds herd animals specific from biome to biome? Or would animal generation be a kingdom based thing? In which case it could be nice (but surely more time intensive on the part of a modder) to have Shepherds add flavor to a kingdom, like NA herd goats for the “milk resource” you are suggesting, while Ascendancy herds cattle, and RC gets…umm…I dunno…camels? I know camel milk is a thing in parts of Mongolia, so is horse milk. I’d assume that camel’s milk would be similarly available for desert tribes.

That can be relatively easily done, actually – although indeed it would be more resource intensive.

Personally I’d make cows for Ascendancy, Goats for RC and something like buffalos or Yaks for NA :smiley:


I don’t know why, probably a D&D thing, but I always considered yaks more of a mountainous asian race thing. I think one of the D&D supplements within the last 20 years had a race of Yak people who were very Tibetan/Chinese in design I felt. But I still like the idea of big, floofy yaks being herded by hardy bearded Northmen.

Not only D&D :stuck_out_tongue:
The Yak is a himalayan species, so the “asian mountainous” definition isn’t far off. They look cool though :3

Maybe the easiest way is just make the milk resource and see how other mods manage to make animals and recipes for it. When there is a desire for it, you can always add the animals to ACE later on.


That is a good option too.

Can just have it be “buyable” for now (and exist) but not necessarily have the animals yet, etc.

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This is something I am totally up for! I’ll do anything needed on my end.

100% Yes! I wouldn’t mind removing my cows & pigs if a better option were to be made.

Owl and I did that for our Salt at first before I knew how to add it as a minable resource in the mountains like other ores haha