More livestock and cooking recipes

I suggest you add a more diversitive livestock like cows for milk and beef and some more cooking recipes and if they eat a different meal each time the villagers would be happier cause (diversity of food not always same dish so that,s somethig to improve happiness if they eat always same food they are unhappy cause it,s boring

I think it’s implemented in Alpha 20 that your Hearthlings will actually be happier if they eat cooked food instead of raw food.

For more cooking and animals there is the Cafe Mod.

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i mean that they add it in the game and i,m not talking about eating raw food or cooked food i,m talking about food diversity like one day you eat an stew okay. next day an stew again well that,s boring everyday eating same food over and over again, so for them to be happy you need to give them an stew next day a soup etc…

I believe they already don’t like eating the same food multiple times in a row, but I might be wrong. Currently, though, there’s no way to stop them from doing this because they seem to pick food by distance and at random.

I have 6 different foods, 3 raw, 3 cooked. They only grab the meat stew, while the vegetable stew and gourd stew just sit there :l then I lok in my journal and it says everyone is upset that it’s the same food over and over again…