Different types of Food (In the Cook's workshop)

Kind of a mix of a question and a suggestion. I’m unsure on if this has already been addressed in the streams as I’ve been unable to watch the last 3 or 4 due to time constraints. So my question/suggestion is about the Cook’s shop. What will be the different categories or types of food he/she can make?

Will there be a Stew tab? A Cooked Meat tab (more on that a little bit down below)? A Desserts tab? I’m sure just having them all clumped together in one section will look clunky and crowded, so I’m wondering what kinds of sections there will be.

Now onto the suggestion part. With the inclusion of the cook, I believe it may be a good idea to all the different jerky become inedible. Instead of them automatically becoming food, they should become an ingredient, and once someone is promoted to Cook, he/she can cook the meat into stews, steaks, and other kinds of meaty foods.


and perhaps renamed/remade into “raw meat”, thus “jerky” actually has to be made by the cook…


What if, somehow, the trapper would keep making jerky until there was a cook, at which point you had the option to allow him to produce raw meat, inedible but quicker to produce as well as possible to use in more sophisticated recipes?


this idea is even better then mine :smile:


I was thinking 2nd-tier jobs could help each other out more
Trapper upgrades to Shepherd --> Mutton (not the jerky it currently is, a nice juicy leg of lamb… :meat_on_bone: )
Trapper upgrades to Hunter --> Raw Game
Farmer upgrades to Livestock Farmer etc.

Now I’m not sure what the class structure and progression will be, so the above is probably off!

I don’t think

would be something people would be keen on doing, but I guess it could be a cheap, 1-ingredient way of making those skinned rabbits last the winter without their fur! It would definitely give the cook something to do while your veggies are growing.


exactly, thats something we need to remember, eventually food will have to last the winter, thus giving jerky a slight bit more interest, because it doesnt spoil very easily.


I still think it would be interesting to require actual salt for jerky recipes, just because of how long it could make the meat last in comparison to other foods (cheap and potentially overpowered) and also introduce more minerals/valuable trade goods. We’re starting to get a more diverse food economy, but I still don’t think it’s quite there to allow such a concept to work without being too difficult or indefinitely required.


Well Hearthlings already grow sick of eating the same food, so if you keep making jerky over and over they’ll get sick of it eventually and may starve themselves cause you don’t make anything else.


Oh no, they’ll eat them… miserably

[size=12]Source: The Dark Ages [pre Alpha 5?][/size]


You’d actually die if all you had was jerky, it’s called rabbit starvation. Too much protein and no fat.

Source: Was born in the Dark Ages :weary:


Interesting! I’ve got my undergrad degree in that area and had never heard of rabbit starvation before… Or maybe I was too busy partying at the time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Has to do with the low energy density in protein (about 4 kCal in each gram) and the toxic byproducts (urea, ammonia) that are released when you convert it into energy. Your body can’t deal with the higher levels of these byproducts at the amounts they’d reach when you’re eating enough protein to maintain your body weight.

I had started a thread about a year ago on malnutrition in SH… can’t seem to find it, but this would definitely make the list!


Science in Stonehearth!


Depends - if all you have is jerky, but you have lots of different kinds of jerky, they’re actually okay with it. It’s only if it’s the same exact food every time that they get tired of it.


Well, you could make the trapper make the jerky as some kind of “Basic Food” even thought he would catch the raw meat.
So it would go:
Raw Meat --> Trapper --> Jerky --> Hungry Townfolk
But then of course the cook could also take the raw meat and make some better food out of it.
And if there is a cook there might as well be a penalty to eating just jerky. What if there was a graph that showed how healthy they are? Or some foods would give power-ups? Because what other reason to make food? You could do it for fun but it would be kind of a waste of time.

Here are my food and power-up ideas:

  • Salad (+10% speed for the day)

  • Turkey ’ 6 servings ’ (+15% damage for the day)

  • Soup (Heals negative effects/sickness)

    If this is added it would also need a menu where you choose who-eats-what for the right power ups!
    Hope you guys like the ideas!


Guess we need to add Turkeys.

As for the menu idea, I feel that’s a bit too much micro-management. Sure you can choose what foods your cook makes, but saying John Doe can’t eat cakes cause you want him to have that 10% speed boost all day from eating salads instead of the boost in happiness thanks to such a delicious treat is just too small of a thing that should be dictated by the player.


I Guess you are right, but I still would love to see power-ups coming from foods!

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Salt mines!!!

And now I need a few more characters to be able to send this reply… done!!