Cookable meats and slaughtering sheep

Perhaps in alpha 11/12, we could add some more usefulness to killing sheep? And by that, I mean getting raw cuts and racks and cooking them with the cook. And further more, when we do get raw meat rather than jerky, perhaps jerky could have more functionality? Basically, here’s a list of my culinary suggestions.

  • Jerky: Instead of being what all animals are made of, it could be a cook recipe involving drying and salt. Not overly tasty, but somewhat satisfactory and doesn’t rot for a very long time.
  • Lamb chops: Killing sheep would give you various cuts of meat. Each piece of meat can be cooked and have different stats. (For example, a rack last more than one serving, but a lamb chop taste better.) Further more, we could have a butcher class, to divide the sheep into more cuts and provide better meat!
  • Raw meat: Rather than providing less hunger satisfaction like unrealistic ol’ Minecraft, raw meat doesn’t taste as good, and has a chance of giving a hearthling a type of disease. Raw meat is only consumed if there is no other food around.

As a fan girl of lamb, I approve of this post! I noticed that the food caravan sells lamb, but its jerky which might just be a place holder. I think it should be a rack or shoulder piece. mhhh I love lamb :sheep: