Rack of mutton?

Just got an odd request from the goblin chief demanding 11 rack of mutton. Can’t say I’ve seen this food item in the game yet, but the “satisfy goblins” screen is telling me I have 9 of 11? Weird.

thats jerky :wink: if you slaughter a sheep you get this but its under the category jerky and so its only check for jerky :smiley:

I didn’t realize it was possible to slaughter sheep. How do you do that? Not that it matters much since promotion to shepherd seems to be broken at the moment.

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normally click the sheep and there should be an slaughterbutton in the left bottom ui ^^

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Well hot damn, my hearthlings have been missing out.


Huh. I never knew this. I was just thinking this morning how it’s weird that you can shear sheep and get wool, but not get meat from them. Lol.


i know that there is the button because i have translate him … perhaps they havent activate him - like the block mining and the taskbar :wink: because of the promting issue i cant check this with my enabled and disabeled hidden views :wink:

Once your Shepard shears a sheep you get the option to slaughter it if you want, click on any Wool-less Sheep and an Axe will show in the sheep’s panel, click it and p0of! sheep gone, jerky sits.

Only when they are naked will the option appear