Goblins hate wild sheep (bug?)

As I was playing my most recent game I heard the sound of entities dying. Not the trapper “poof” sound but slain in combat. As it was daytime with with no undead and me being pals with goblins I couldn’t figure out what that sound was. Then I saw this goblin warrior racing across the camp like an arrow and started pounding on this poor neutral sheep.

To reproduce: Get shepherd, as sheep start spawning goblin warriors will seek out and slay them if they are close to their camp. Unsure how they behave to player tagged sheep under these circumstances.

Latest version steam, release 450

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Goblins must be so afraid of the legendary weresheep that they’ll kill anything that baaaas.

Could someone move this to the active bug category?

Also, @legobil, what version of the game are you playing? Steam or Humble Bundle? If Steam, stable or latest and which number?


i’m not sure this is a bug, as i’ve noticed that undead also kill sheep, so perhaps its a feature?

paging @sdee are enemy’s supposed to kill your sheep/livestock?

then again, they shouldn’t be attacking only your sheep, so perhaps that makes it a bug?

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considering they dont attack squirrels, foxes or raccoons i dunno tbh…

well squirrels foxes and such are wild animals, whereas sheep are your livestock, and seeing as goblins destroy your stuff it would make sense for them to want to kill/steal you animals.

make sense?

Well my view is this: Neutral sheep are not your livestock per se, i dont mind goblins killing my livestock, they are my responsibility to defendand the goblins should have an incentive to kill them. I wouldn’t even mind hearing the combat music activate if MY sheep were attacked. Thats why i compared them to wild squirrels and foxes.

by “neutral sheep” do you mean one that hasnt been “captured” by your shepherd?

Yup, that is what I mean :slight_smile:

hmm… i guess that could be a bug. its probably caused by the fact that sheep dont spawn until you have a shepherd, so the game might think that the sheep arent wild. course, thats just my wild guess.