[Res] [180] Invulnerable sheep - citizen deaths!

Title: [180] SteamUnstable - Soldiers dying to nothing

Just tried the latest unstable (12/17/2014 @ 7:30pm CST). I started a new map after the update. Everything was going relatively smoothly for the next hour (aside from some character screen weirdness that I see someone else has reported and some missing crafting supply icons) but then all the sudden I had a report of my Soldier dying (they get gravestones now, neat). No reports of fights or goblin invasions.

Steps to reproduce:
My theory on what happened is that after making my lvl 3 trapper a Shepard, some time passed and then the sheep that was following the Shepard was ready to be sheared. The act of shearing seems to have flagged the sheep as hostile, but they seem to be invincible, so the soldier took damage and then died.

I didn’t immediately realize what had happened, so I promoted another worker to soldier and then saw it running after the sheared sheep, taking damage, and then dying. So I stopped at the point. I did not try reloading the game and everything had been going so smoothly that I did not have any earlier saves (any chance of getting an auto-save setting?).

Expected Results:
Soldiers would not die unexpectedly fighting sheared sheep.

Actual Results:

Like I said, the above is all my theory. I could be way off base and it’s actually invisible goblins or something. Keep up the great work and thanks for all the updates and communication.

To try to be a little more helpful, here is the save file from right after the 2 deaths. If we’re lucky you can load it and then promote one of my workers and see it happen.


Versions and Mods: 180 no mods

System Information: Win7 64bit - playing Stonehearth through the Steam client


Can confirm the killer naked sheep. Looks like the weresheep is a real thing now…


Ditto. Lost 2 footmen to naked sheep. Why the footmen started attacking is beyond me. At some point they stop attacking and they start getting hit by “something” which very quickly kills them.

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thanks for the report and confirmations folks… [tagged]

by the way, +1 internet points for hilariously helpful reporting… :smile: :+1:


Had this same problem today, only the sheep weren’t sheared yet

Confirmed, I had the same problem. Sheep seem to be dangerous now. Also when you go on Red alert workers attack the sheep.

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Confirmed (posted screenshots elsewhere). Though looking at the villager’s actions it seems they initially try to attack the sheep, get frustrated at their incompetence and inability to damage said sheep, then proceed to end their own existence.

I had a bug where the shepherd was running away from a sheep, the same way villagers run from goblins.
The soldier also attacked the sheep at various points. However didn’t deal damage or kill it.

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Same here, after some playing, my footmans try to kill the sheep but they die doing so and I’ve found out that during goblin raid when I went to red alert, villagers started attacking the air around them and probably getting hit by themselves.

Ok, I HAVE to load this up just to see this :joy:

Sorry to anybody who had their games ruined because of this…but this is hilarious.

It’s a naked sheep! RUN!!!

EDIT: Aren’t sheep supposed to be extra fragile? That’s why they explode in so many other games. +1 for originality Stonehearth folks! ;p


Well, I’m new, so I hope this went to the right place.

A bug I found is that currently any settler that is assigned as a footman will frequently engage in random combat with either nothing, or sheep. They then die quite easily.

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yes, you posted your report in the correct location… but it seems we already had a related entry… its been merged here…

thanks! :+1:

I had the same but in my case the sheep was not shaved ! :smiley:

Playing a peaceful game, a footman asked to join my town, so I accepted and forgot about him. I really just wanted to see the shepherd in action. Later, once my trapper was third level, I converted the trapper into a shepherd and laid down the appropriate zone. As soon as a sheep spawned, the footman ran over and started attacking. However, the sheep was not harmed. The shepherd came over and took the sheep, but the footman kept fighting, all alone, and kept taking damage, apparently from himself. He killed himself before I could demote him :pensive: The game briefly locked up, than spawned dozens of error messages. I would be happy to upload the save from immediately afterwards.

To reproduce:

  1. Convert Hearthling to a footman.
  2. Convert another Hearthling to a Trapper.
  3. Get Trapper to level 3.
  4. Promote Trapper to Shepherd.
  5. Place pasture zone.
  6. Watch footman run to attack new-spawned sheep.
  7. Witness in horror that all the footman’s attacks damage himself as sheep walks away.

I converted a second Hearthling to a footman, and he immediately ran over to the sheep, started attacking, and killed himself. I can upload the save if necessary.


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given the similar nature, your report was merged here… thanks!

Perhaps this should be made into a special event:

…and there came upon the town the Sheep of Despair, and the soldiers gazed upon it, and all good things dimmed, and they threw themselves upon their own blades…and the fearful shepherds sheared from it the Wool of Moping, from which the weavers made the Sweater Vest of Emo…

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My understanding is that the community wants were-sheep even more because of this bug.


whenever the town is called to action the warriors attack the sheep after dispatching the goblins!

Though sadly I don’t have the pictures of two footmen fighting, one determined on having lamb stew and the other clearly a vegetarian.

Anyway the bug causes aggression in one or more footmen towards sheep, and can lead to simultaneous death of two footmen apparently fighting over it? It’s caused as far as I can tell by the red alert action command, and only in new citizens, not the original settlers.

The sheep were obviously in high demand. :smile:

Good catch.