Shepherding Blues

So, it turns out that if you have a shepherd finding sheep while the goblin chieftain’s camp is up, they’ll find one (or possibly no) sheep before going to steal Bluebell, prized sheep of the goblin chieftain. Or, atleast mine is.

While I would absolutely love to see what happens if Lizzy does indeed end up stealing Bluebell, I’m pretty sure it would end in tragedy for her, my two footman and one cleric, and probably my whole town.


while i love the idea of being bale to “tame” bluebell the sheep, it probably shouldn’t be possible until after you’ve killed off the goblins… @yshan any possibility of that happening?

It just so happens that I did. While my shepherd wandered over to Bluebell like there’s nothing wrong, my hopelessly undergeared and outclassed war party managed to kill four goblins, and somehow survive against the chieftain.

It seems like Bluebell will be happier with us. Arvee attempted to kill both of the sheep before they wandered out of his aggro range. I’ll go back to that camp when my footmen won’t get absolutely murdered (no one died, minus the four goblins)


Lol it is intended that the shepherd can tame the goblin sheep, though WHEN the player should be able to do that is not well implemented. What do people think would be the best way to get Bluebell?

i think bluebell should be auto tamed BUT when the camp is destroyed you can manually set to tame it^^

i was thinking that when the goblins are still alive the sheep be un-tameable, but once they’re all vanquished bluebell can be taken as one of your own.

that way you don’t run the risk of losing your shepherd and/or prematurely fighting the goblins…

does that make sense?


I like your idea’s as always 8bitcrab but I would also think it would be funny if you could steal it when it wonders to far from their camp and then you can offer to return it when the goblin flips out its gone and in return the goblins will leave begrudgingly or you can keep it and fight them.


When I first encountered Bluebell my fighters started cutting the sheep down the second all goblins were dead. So it’s a pretty scary situation if you don’t get control of your fighters in time.

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My shepherd tried to steal blue bell and I didn’t know and it ended up happening that my shepherd died a while back ):

Yup, usually my soldiers end up killing her.

I think that, if possible, Bluebell should be recognized as a non-sheep entity if possible, so that shepherds won’t lock on to her to try and tame her? And then once the goblins have been defeated, she is considered a sheep, while in the meantime she is registered as a friendly or neutral NPC, so that footmen won’t kill her.

Maybe some more interesting mechanics can be implemented with her, if you manage to tame her, like she produces extra/better quality wool or could be a factor in another campaign?


My shepard found a sheep right in the center of a goblin camp and ran in and basically committed suicide. Even sounding the town alarm did not dissuade him from running straight there.

When I finally got my troops out there, they then actually killed the sheep too.

So I wonder, do the goblin camps spawn sheep of their own? Do these sheep improperly come up on the shepards radar to bring back to town?

Well… That was the chief’s pet sheep… (Really, it was)

And the shepherd went for it?
That’s provably some sort of bug

Paging @yshan @sdee

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Yeah, this behavior should change, shepherd should not try to tame an animal that already belongs to someone.
Else, it would be really hard to have shepherds in multiplayer later.


Now THAT’S an awesome idea lol.