Getting Bluebell the Sheep while playing Rayya's children

I failed to get Bluebell during a few save files.
The difficulty is coming from it takes too much time to get carpenter Lv.5 to craft Shepherd’s crook.
If you normally plays games then you may encounter Goblin chieftain event in a few days after a fresh beginning.
Goblin chieftain sends his thiefs and armies a few time but after some days, he may pack and leave with Bluebell.
It seems almost impossible to craft Shepherd’s crook in time.

The solution, it’s a bit weird way.
In short, reach carpenter Lv.5 in completely enclosed island first. With only 7 people.
“Island” is possible to be substituted with enclosed hill or something.
If path finder don’t find any place to place enemy base where is able to reach player’s base, any enemy base related event will not come out.
Of course, any new hearthing should be declined. Building ladder to get new hearthling in will fire the event.

Get foods from farm.
Buy every logs from merchants. Build many many clay stall to get logs. Each stall have independent cooldown time to call basic store merchant.
Also, buy sufficient refined leathers from merchant. It is material of Shepherd’s crook.
Take lots of things from only merchants.

Now ready weapons, and shepherd’s crook.
And finally “link” to outside with ladder or stairs.
Make a hearthling into trapper and level up.
Now it’s okay to get new hearthlings.

Now is real beginning… with 7 people. (like feeling used a cheat code, a technology cheat.)

Then enemy related event will be fired from beginning. Just like starting from first day. Small stoneling will come first, even a lot of days past.
Once the chieftain’s base generated, turn trapper into Shepherd, ready for enclosed structure for pasture(do not assign pasture area first), defeat chieftain.
Check whether Bluebell the sheep’s red outline turned into orange outline.
If yes, just assign pasture area for sheeps.
Then the Shepherd starts to chasing Bluebell the Sheep for pasturing.

Baby of Bluebell has bluebell on its neck. It’s so cute.

This seems like very ellaborate changes for a very small thing.

What I do to make time is indulge the Goblins comming to my town asking for stuff. Then when I have a Shepard I deny them their demands and fight them. Making the collection of Bluebell easy

You can just ignore them and they’ll eventually just go away. They’ll come back a while later and try again. Might give you more time?

I just ignore the messanger when they first arrive. Just hit escape with their message pops up. The goblins will stick around until you open and answer the message. It is a little weird because any goblin camps that pop up during the time where you are ignoring him, can’t be attacked. That said, they also won’t attack your hearthlings. I wait until I can make the crook so I can get bluebell and so I can make the wind chime in time to stop the mountain guy later down the quest line.