Sheep turret / trebusheep


i have an idea, there should be a weapon that the engineer makes that worn by sheep (who are tamed by the shepherd) that weapon will fling projectiles at an incoming foe. this will be use full because it is a lot easier to breed war sheep then get more people to join the village however the item that will be used to turn a sheep in to a turret sheep (the turret sheep suit) will be harder to craft then the bow for the archer and the turret sheep will probably not be as effective as the archers (for balancing sake). the main point of it is to be a mobile turret. i thought of 3 ways the sheep could be instructed: 1. the shepherd gives instructions from a safe distance .2. the sheep is assigned to a warrior that it follows while the turret automatically shoots at the enemy .3. the sheep will just help in battle as if it had intelligents
here is a concept art i made in a minute on ms paint


Now this is the most ridiculous take on siege weapons in the gaming history: a trebusheep.


What are you trying to do, start Wool War 3 here? :wink:


:rofl: :clap::clap:


I’m all for the trebusheep. +1


God, ive never felt such a sudden need for something so fast ever in my life.
It would be dope to let crafters work with other professions in more ways (like blacksmith for the soldiers)


I came here because I was expecting a turret that launched sheep.
Instead I find a turrent attached to sheep. And sheep puns.
I’m okay with this xD


This is just shear insanity.


One person suggests it, and we immediately flock the idea.


Look we all know where this is going… Engineer builds a bomb and attaches it to the sheep. The rest is as inevitable as the sunrise!


i didn’t think of that and it doesn’t make seance who would blow up perfect mutton


I’d advise to put the bomb in the trebuchet. That way, you can let things explode multiple times per sheep, and only have to replace said sheep after ‘incidents’, instead of all the time. That sounds like a more efficent way to use your highly trained trebusheep.


Baaah this is so silly, next thing we now, the sheepherds are driving around in LAMBorginies, but HAY that might work…

Great thread! :slight_smile:


i suggest we take it a step farther… and have a catapult that launches sheep armed with catapults… ;D


And thus was the Trebusheep-launched Cluster Warherd born…


Oh I was thinking of a trebuchet that flung sheep instead of stones! Kind of like the turnip shooter.


So I absolutely love this. Next step is a sheep mounted ballista for mowing down your enemies. Followed by a battering ram.

Also I think I figured out a way for goblins to try and make it over your city walls. Maybe equip them with mini parachutes even.


I gave it my best go, I hope you guys like this model!

a member of the 112th trebusheep corps inspects the batlefield, planning his troop’s inpending assault on the kobold camp

trebusheep.qb (55.7 KB)


You have to add a warning to your post, you could hurt yourself when you see this :smiley:


Blizzard. Would.

And it’s become a trope