Sheep turret / trebusheep


Bluebell Vult!


“I don’t know what weapons world war 3 will be fought with, but I know that world war 4 will be fought with trebusheep” – Albert Einstein


I always pumpkin tossing catapult would fit well in the game.


Someone separate the swingy bit from the base bit and make an idle and a shooting animation for this, please.

Alternatively, a slightly more detailed trebuchet would work too. We can resize and parent things, after all. Still needs animations, of course.

Actually, now that I think about it, separate is better. Less work. Let’s make something great together.


@RepeatPan for discourse President?


Let’s make America Great Britain again.


How we can talk 26 replies about a trebusheep.



How can we not?

On a more serious note though, I love how this idea has sparked discussion about how such a thing could be modeled, rigged and made functional in the game; what its purpose would be and how to balance it and justify it alongside the turnip shooter etc.

Ok, well most of that stuff is in the OP, the majority of the thread is sheep puns, but I know we’ve all thought about how this idea would work in-game.

My point is that this kind of discussion is awesome, taking a wacky/novelty idea and bringing it to life. It’s very much within the realms of possibility for modding; in fact the recent animation tech improvements allow for a very convincing trebuchet animation and we already have the AI for archers that someone could use to run this with.

The main question un-answered at this point would be how to turn a regular sheep into a trebusheep. My suggestion would be to have the engineer craft the trebuchet harness and then the shepherd places it as a food item; when a sheep “eats” the trebuchet harness that causes it to remove the sheep and spawn a trebusheep unit in its place. I believe it’s possible for the game to “listen out” for when the food is eaten and use that as an event flag, although it may be more difficult than I’m thinking.

The other option is to make it a quest – a misunderstood genius inventor approaches you with a proposition just crazy enough to work. You task your shepherd to collect X number of sheep, have your engineer build the harness, and the inventor returns to select a suitable candidate… one sheep disappears, but in their place returns the mighty trebusheep!


It is. It absolutely is.

Is that maybe how the bond bluebell and the chieftan was forged: bluebell being a retired trebusheep, who has saved the chieftan’s life in the past.

Meeeh, I think I like the story that the chieftan has a soft side better.


my headcanon for the saga of Bluebell is this:

As a young Goblin raider, the chieftain took part in a raid against an Ascendancy outpost village with a small garrison and a large contingent of farmers, shepherds, weavers and the like – all classes which typically have a mid-low Body score (with either class-based traits, Spirit or Mind being more important), so it was woefully unprepared for attack.

The first targets were the outyling shepherds’ huts, which the goblins gleefully sacked of all their furnishings; the young goblin tearing down a curtain to wear as a cloak. After plunderiing the shepherds’ huts, the main raiding force drove straight towards the village center, but the soon-to-be chieftain (at the time only a lowly peon) was ordered to chase the sheep together so that the raiders could easily trap them and bring them back to camp for a feast to celebrate the raid. Most of the sheep behaved as expected, being easily herded into the corner of the paddock, but one sheep kept wandering off to nibble on her favourite flowers which grew in the opposite corner of the pasture. The other raiders laughed at the young goblin as he tried and failed repeatedly to catch, chase down or corner this one stubborn sheep. Eventually they grew bored and, now that their raid had succeeded and they were tired of these antics, they headed back to camp – driving the rest of the herd with them. However, the leader of the raid ordered the young chieftain-to-be to return with that one sheep, or not at all.

The young goblin chased the sheep until well after dark, finally passing out from exhaustion. When he awoke, the sheep was standing over him, nibbling a patch of bluebells beside his head! Quickly he leaped up and grabbed her, looking for something to use as a rope to secure her. Thinking quickly he snatched off his cape and wound it around her neck like a scarf, taking firm hold… a great mistake! The sheep bucked and bolted, taking the young goblin with her. In desperation he grabbed at the ground, and he snatched up a clump of grass and flowers. The sheep quickly tripped on the trailing curtain and tumbled, coming to rest in a heap with the young goblin resting against her. Exhausted and now dazed, the goblin barely noticed the sheep nibbling at the flowers he still clutched in his hand.

Realising a much easier way to bring this troublesome sheep home, the young goblin made his way back to the camp – only to discover it was under attack! The goblins’ raid had drawn down the wrath of the much larger city which traded with the tiny village, and as soon as word of the raid had reached them the city had sent a strong force to drive the goblins off. The young chieftain-to-be huddled at the edge of the forest, watching the attack and feeding the sheep to keep it quiet. He learned about the Ascendancy’s attack plans, and eventually slipped away to another camp he’d heard some of the raiders talking about.

Arriving at the other camp, the young raider was challenged by the ranking chieftain there. He explained his story, and the chieftain laughed.
“Your tribe weak and small, only good for sometimes stealing sheeps from defenceless farmers! We big and strong, eat sheep every night and raid cities with many shinies!” he chided. The chieftain then demanded that the young raider hand over the sheep for his feasting table that night.

The young goblin became furious – all his life, older goblins had bossed him around and played jokes on him. This sheep had been his prize, the only loot he had ever totally owned (after all, now that his old tribe was broken there was nobody to contradict that the sheep was his), and this chief wanted it just to prove he was bigger and nastier? The young goblin roared and grappled with the chieftain, both of them turning around and around as the fight dragged on.

Suddenly, the sheep noticed the bluebells still clutched in the young goblin’s hand, now behind the back of the chieftain. She leaped forward, just as the chieftain gained the upper hand and threw the young goblin to the ground. Before he could strike the finishing blow, however, the chieftain was hit from behind by a very fast-moving sheep, and he flew right over the young goblin’s prone form. As the young goblin stood up, a crowd gathered to see what the commotion was about, and when they saw him standing over the unconscious chieftain, the tribe declared the newcomer as the new chieftain on the spot! His first order was that the sheep with the blue scarf was his and nobody was to touch it.

Days passed, and the new chieftain enjoyed plenty of feasting as raider after raider brought tribute and pledged fealty to him. After this time, he thought more about the stubborn sheep which had saved his life – multiple times, if you include how it had been the reason he wasn’t present at the retaliatory attack which wiped out his original tribe. In the sheep’s stubborn streak he saw an echo of his own ambition and strength, and at that moment he decided she would never end up on someone’s feasting table. He picked up a small bell that had been given to him as tribute, and tied it onto the curtain around his sheep’s neck; which he re-fashioned into a collar.

This was his sheep, now and always.


Please add cattlepults to the game


I’ve missed the old stories. Thank you for that.

Although it is a lot right in the middle of this thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Inject an AI action into the engineer that makes them seek out trebuchet iconics, find an applicable sheep, and then “enhance” it. As the game itself does not allow any sort of easy equipment management for hearthlings, I don’t see why sheep should be better.


I remember the “if there’s a trebuchet put it on the first sheep you see” class fondly from my time at school.


i think it would make more seance if the engineer would give the outfit to the shepherd and the player would click on a sheep s/he wants to upgrade and the shepherd would put the outfit on the sheep. its not an equipment upgrade its a job change


Yeah, but sheep don’t have jobs per se. Back when the Alpha first came out, you had this kind of micro-managing option available by using commands, but they have since been (mostly) removed or changed into other game mechanics.

I believe that if you can’t choose which hearthling gets what armor, then neither should sheep have a freedom of choice. It would make a lot of things much simpler and, I suppose, more robust for updates.


And yet no one wants riding sheep? Just me? Sad cat


☒ Riding sheep
☒ Rhyming sheep
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:ballot_box_with_check: Sad cat

Maybe it is something about the sheep?


Maybe it is something about the sheep
So, to your mechanisms, you can keep
I’ll just sit here and not say a peep
Except maybe beep beep


Why does this sound like something the goblins would do?