How do I steal goblin sheep?

Subj. I want that sheep.

Shepard + pasture for sheepy

If you have a shepherd, he should automatically come across Bluebell the sheep and take it back to your pasture.
Though this only happen after you defeated the chieftain, but i guess that’s pretty obvious. :slight_smile:

The problem is, I have both. But the shepherd went and found other sheep ignoring Bluebell (I have the chieftain defeated ofc).
To clear things up: I have 2 pastures and I created 2nd one after defeating the chieftain specially to bring Bluebell.

mine went directly to bluebell when I set my shepherd for the pasture. might just be a bit buggy.

Can’t believe i’ve watched the whole video… original is better tho.
Why do you want bluebell? Not to rustle any feathers but I bet she’s been tossed around by the goblins for quite a while already…


I hope you’re not implying what I think you’re implying. Because if you are implying what I think you’re implying then shame on you, mister!


Once you start getting into the Goblin Wolves bit Bluebell disappears.