Wizards Class Pack Mod A21 (WIP)


Very good job, I love 'em both already but I have to admit it was a letdown to have to go back to alpha 20 from alpha 21 (and all its nice features) in order to test them. Any chance those fun classes will be updated for alpha 21 soon ? thanks and congratulations again on your great mod !


gg that looks fun xD

Cant wait to burn them all to the ground :smiley:


I’ll have to look into how various buildings like the church spawn mobs when destroyed or the chest with items, If I find out that command i’ll drop what I know here. Pssshhhh and the suggestion totally had nothing to do with my username. xD


@Kikokukyka I will be looking into A21 compatability and what needs to be changed (if anything does) starting today as I’d rather do it sooner than later

Update: Okay so that was easier than I thought it would be, I haven’t fully tested everything yet but so far everything works. I will be updating the topic momentarily with a new download link for the A21 version, and will be developing for A21 from this point onwards. This mod WILL potentially conflict with other class mods that are A21 compatible: The wizard classes currently use the display indexes of 8 and 9 for the worker class. If anyone knows of another A21 class mod that is conflicting please post here so I can figure out a suitable index to use; If you get impatient, you can also open my smod, go to the jobs/<classname>/<classname>_description.json and open it. Inside, change the "display_order" to a number not in use for the worker.


If those indexes are like any other index used in the game, it is just for sorting the order of the items displayed. When there is a tie, the game chose one to go before the other, probably whichever was loaded first.

So if someone else chose the same index, the worst thing that could happen is your class being not in the place you wanted.

As your classes are in the combat category, maybe you could use some indexes that make it be placed near other combat classes. (you can use decimals, like 2.5 to put something between 2 and 3)


Bug report:
The requirement of blue wizard is wrong.


@dalabo Tahnks for the heads up, it will be fixed next release :slight_smile:


Hey all a status update on what’s in the works:

Work and other things have been chewing up my dev time, so I’m not as far along as I would like to be, but I am hoping to have screenshots of the green wizard in game on sunday to post up here! I have all the qb models done for the class, and today I sat down and finalized what I want the classes skills / buffs to be so I’ll be getting started on implementing the easier ones now :slight_smile:


Hi @wwtd, glad to hear there is a new wizard class coming along. :jubilant:
But before that, did you notice that the requirements ‘A level 2 herbalist’ of red and blue wizards are not working?
I think it’s because of the changes of the game structure in A21.


@dalabo if you are able to promote a worker to a wizard, they are working fine :stuck_out_tongue: the ‘level 2 herbalist’ requirement is a relic of the original release; In the second version the parent job was switched from herbalist to worker, and I forgot to update the descriptions :blush: it has been changed to display the current promotion path accurately and will be in the next release


Oooooh, so that’s the plan. Upon that, I have a suggestion here. Why not create a basic class of wizard? For example, a gray wizard that is not related to other elements, e.g. fire, ice. And then, it can be promoted to the red, blue, or green wizard.


Both classes is overpowered, and fast access to them without promo-class deal hardmode easier.


@dalabo @EregionChannel All the combat classes are currently under worker solely for testing purposes - After the 3 wizard classes are out I will be working on the artificer class, who will craft all their talismans and which all the wizards will promote from. At least, that is the current plan :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, spent the last 3 hours tracking down a particularly obnoxious bug crashing my game but here’s a picture of the green wizard strolling around the town

right now its mostly just the visuals working for this class but Ive got the buffs/abilities in the works


Wow :astonished:! Your green wizard looks superb :grin:!
And also that jade warhammer :heart:.
(Slams some horns and it’ll look like Loki xD)


Hi all, quick update!

I have been working on the new icons for the green wizard and getting all the equipment images and things ready. Unfortunately I am currently experiencing technical difficulties with my modem and will have to wait until tomorrow for a tech to come around and (hopefully) fix/replace it.


New Pic! This time there’s a female green wizard as well :stuck_out_tongue: been doing a lot of testing of the class where it’s currently at, all the buffs are working, the abilities are still being worked on. I’m thinking I will release the initial cut of the class once I have everything working except the final ability because that will take a while (spoiler: it’s to summon a golem). Should be out in the not so distant future!


Forgot to post this when I updated the topic, but new version here! :slight_smile: All of the green wizards buffs and abilities should be functioning minus the level 6 golem ability and some particle stuff im still working on. Enjoy!


Your mod became pretier day by day!


Not sure what’s going on but I’m suffering a bug where the character sheet for my Green Wizard isn’t loading. All fields are blank.