Wizards Class Pack Mod A21 (WIP)


@Cheezez that’s an interesting bug! O.o I’m currently at work but I’ll check it out on my local later today, if you are able to post a screenshot of the problem in action that would be appreciated :slight_smile: is it only happening for the green wizard?

Update: Alrighty it’s happening on mine too so I must have either forgotten something or made a typo somewhere, looking in to it now and will try to have it fixed by tonight. It seems to be something to do in or with the green tome offhand

Update: Annnnnd fixed (at least, fixed in my game). Problem stemmed from an additional comma in the json file that i missed - sorry about that! New version is pushed up, will be updating topic version momentarily to incorporate this fix.


Bloody commas… they are my nemesis


Just giving an update on what I’ve been working on since the last release, been busy with the upcoming artificer class! It’s taking a while getting all the qb models done for the new items and things but It’s coming along for the class’s initial cut. Here’s a pic of one of the 2 new crafting stations:

More coming in the future!


Hi, i have been trying to play this mod but it never shows up on my job selection, i tried different display orders but it doesn’t work


@Starman205 sorry you seem to be having issues with it :confused: that’s a strange bug, my immediate thought was that you accidently downloaded the A20 instead of the A21, but if you saw display orders in their json then i’ll have to do some digging. It should look like this when working (I have highlighted one of the wizard classes):

Are the tome recipes showing up in the herbalist crafting section? It might be worth a shot redownloading the A21 version and overwriting your other wizard smod, and then once the game is started make sure to go to settings -> mods and turn it on if you haven’t already. If you see the wizard green tome craftable in the herbalists menu and a job panel like the above it is (probably) working as intended. If there’s still nothing, you might need to turn on your debug and see if any errors pop up when you open the job panel.


Cool it works now, thanks for the reply and help


Nothing in the world is more frustrating than a Typo or extra space that ruins the whole script. xD


Hi all,

Sorry about the lack of updates, been quite busy :slight_smile: anyways, I am still working on the next class as I type. Most of the assets are done, I’m just having a slight problem with getting the crafting menu to actually open -.- once I have that figured out I’ll just need to do some testing before I release the initial cut! Here’s a picture of the artificer class:


Looking forward to it! Love the look of it.


Heyooo got a quick update on the upcoming class! After spending an extensive amount of time trying to track down a very obscure bug in one of the json files, I finally have the crafting menu for the artificer opening and closing and am able to craft the items! I still need to create the class icons and also figure out how to add new items to the stockpile sorting; However, my target for the initial cut of the artificer is some time this sunday.


Bug? After prophesy changing from Earth mage to worker jade hammer may be stored at storage. But after change prophesy second time from worker to E.Mage he appear with new hammer. And we have 1 jade hammer at character and 1 jade hammer at storage in few mouse click.


hmmmm did you upgrade to to 0.3.5? This was a known issue in 0.3.4 but it should be fixed in the newest non-test version (it should also be fixed in the test version). In your wizard_green_hammer.json there should be a line that says “no_drop: true”. If that IS there and it’s still happening I’ll have to look in to it more :confused:


Really nice mod
Did you change the attribute of the mages for the damage output to mind or spirit?


@groms thanks for the praise :slight_smile: and to answer your question, the blue and red wizards damage output scales off of Mind, specifically curiosity and diligence. The green wizard’s damage works like the vanilla classes.


Hello there.
I come here with my problem :grinning: .
When i use ur mod with chabonit mod I have problem to craft workbench for carpenter job and
the funny moment is that when error shows it looks like is issue with blacksmith ;/
How it is possible?


Did you use jeweler with smart crafter? If you did, that’s the problem. Jeweler is not compatible with smart crafter now.


Hi @Gaming_Music,

I just tried installing chabonits mod and running with both chabonit and my mod at the same time and encountered no issues with any crafting. Do you have other mods installed?


U r my GOD :smile:
Im sorry for creating non-existent problems. :sweat_smile:


Nice!! I wanna see a wizard kindom mod with these exact wizards.
You know how the potter is a primary job and he mason is secondary in Rayyas children? andthe other way around with ascendancy. Well with wizard people wizards are the standard fighters.


The green wizard if fucking OP. got only 2 of them and a cleric and they killed ogos army in seconds without getting critical on their health, but this mod is awesome!