Wizards Class Pack Mod A21 (WIP)


Will you port the mod to alpha 22?


still works with a22 :wink:


Does this wizard mod work on alpha 22 ?? If you can, you can teach me how to install it, since you already have the wizard.smod file, I can craft the recepitacles, but I do not know how to promote the herbalist lvl2 to wizard, because the option does not appear. Can you help me, please teach me :frowning:


You should really read the first post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


whoops overread that :sweat_smile:


It says “Invalid Manifest” if i want to activate it


did you download the current version?


Hi guys,

To the people asking if I will be updating this mod to a22 alpha, yes I will. I’m hoping it will just mean slapping a new title on it :stuck_out_tongue: I will take some time at some point this/next week to test it against the new alpha and see if any issues need to be addressed.


I’ve been playing with it for several hours in a22 and have noticed no issues.


will anything NEW be coming with the A22 update might I ask?


At the moment most likely not, for now this mod is pretty much in maintenance mode until I have free time to work on it and figure out some code shenanigans for applying aoe unit buffs from furniture and spawning units via other units. Due to the nature of how the devs handle unit spawning as of A21 and my lack of lua experience it is proving difficult. The next release with content will most likely be my smallish side project of glass furnishings for the artificer


hey so i’ve been looking hard for crystal and i have yet to find any. how do i get crystal?


Crystal can be made by a blacksmith with sand. The recipe can be found under the smelt tab


oh snaps!!! that explains it!

thanks hahaha. i don’t know why i didn’t see crystal in the blacksmith at first.


Is the jade hammer supposed to be crafted? I can buy it from the weapon/armour vendor but I’ve noticed it just stays in my inventory & it seems like the green wizard already has one.


Hmmm that sounds like a bug, It’s the base weapon for the green wizard and should not be purchased. I’ll have to take a look at the files and patch it once j find the issue. In the mean time I recommend not buying them and selling any you have (if you can)


can you do some other class??


Hi im loving your mod and it inspire me to do my own mods and make my own class. Im still new in modding and just wondering how did you change the job class chart and add the new class? Im looking at your mod files and having hard time where is it?


hey just out of curiosity, are we going to see an update on this mod anytime soon??? the version is still 0.3.5 which means it’s still in early stages and i LOVE this mod and would love to see support for it still.


Hello there, @ContainedChaos!
I’ve never used this mod, so I don’t know exactly how @wwtd did it - but, for the question you are asking, perhaps you can take a look at the files in the “Rayyas Children” mod in the jobs-folder and compare it to this mod.
That should give you some examples of how to do it :slight_smile:

E.g., note the differences for the Potter-class of Rayyas Children compared to regular Stonehearth.